New Year New Q & A

I turned the heel on the sock last night so there isn’t much to see there.

I thought a crafty Q & A might be fun.

  • What are your crafty plans for 2019? Are you going to try something new? If you could learn one new thing this year what would it be?
  • Do you have a special project planned for 2019? Are you going to make something special for yourself or someone else?
  • I’ve been wondering if you’ve ever donated something you’ve made to charity. Is it something you’d consider doing? Why or why not?
  • Here are my answers.
    • I plan to continue knitting as my primary craft. I have a never ending queue of things I want to knit and a huge stash to knit from. I’d also like to spend more time baking. I tend to buy ingredients for something new and then use them to bake the old tried and true recipes. I bought a new bundt pan the other day so hopefully I’ll be trying out some new cake recipes. If I could learn one new thing this year it would be to make pastry.
      I hope to knit myself a sweater and finish a couple I have that are almost done. I’m also considering knitting a couple of stuffed toys.
      In the past I have donated some knit items to charity. I knit blankets for cats at an animal shelter, eyelash hats for the children’s hospital, hats for the homeless and hats for soldiers. I like knowing the things I make are used by people who will enjoy them.
  • Feel free to answer in the comments or add a link if you’re answering on your blog so everyone can come read them.


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    19 Responses to New Year New Q & A

    1. Fun Q&A! Here are my answers:
      -I am still plotting my 2019 crafty goals. There will certainly be a blog post about it soon. I am thinking about trying my hand at macrame. The only reason for this is that I need some plant hangers, and I cannot think of another way to get them. (Child of the 70’s here.)
      -For special plans, I have a couple sweaters/ tops in the works for myself. Other than that, I may try out some new techniques by making some cowls and hats and so on to give as gifts later this year.
      -I have knit things to give to charity. Not too often, but it has happened. I would consider it again, if an opportunity presented itself 🙂 Happy 2019!

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    2. Anne Donovan says:

      Great idea to have a new year Q and A.
      1 My crafty plans are very like yours e.g. to knit up my stash and try and leave time for other crafts too. I have an etsy shop so that pretty much dictates what I do but I’d like more control and need to be stricter with the time I spend working and the time I spend doing everything else. I had some lovely social times last year with family and friends and I want more of this in 2019 but also enjoy the buzz of making things for other people.

      The one new thing I’d like to learn this year is to spin and dye my own yarn. I’ve bought a drop spindle and I have some unwashed fleece….

      2 Oh there’s so many thing I’d like to do for me, mainly jumpers. I have the stash…..maybe some cabling for a change.

      3 I knit for charity when I have the time and I’ve made hats for the Shoe Box Appeal and little hats for the Big Knit which supports older people in the UK.

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    3. suth2 says:

      My crafty plan is to make beeswax wraps. I have seen them in shops at an exorbitant price and figure I could make them for much less.

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    4. salpal1 says:

      Love a good q and a!

      I plan to keep on knitting, perfecting my spinning, and learn how to weave much better than I do.

      Special plans include finishing Durrow. I am so close to completing the tricky parts! Then it is plain sailing.

      I have knit many hats, scarves and cowls for charity, and will continue to do so. I often will try a pattern because it is interesting, but not have a use for it. It gets added to the pile we gather in my knitting group, and donated to the town office or the local school. I also have donated to Nest Maine (learn more on their Ravelry group) and at work, which is a community action program. Lots of opportunities out there if people want to knit for charity!

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    5. kathyreeves says:

      My crafty plans for 2019 are to knit some more socks for DH, this time using worsted wool, and to knit a red (pomegranate) out of a cotton/linen blend. I have to knit a replacement sock for the Advent calendar, and then I am going to work on my blanket somemore. I ‘ve never made one, so I guess that will be my new thing. 🙂
      I am also going to use some leftovers to knit some more charity hats for next winter. I didn’t do any this year, so its time to work on finishing up some of those yarns.

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    6. slippedstitches says:

      My craft plan for this year is to move away from merino yarn. I am bored to death with it. I am researching and sourcing other yarns from other breeds of sheep that are not as delicate as merino and learning when to use them and what their characteristics are. I have sourced wonderful new yarns for two sweaters and just found two different durable yarns that show promise for The Skippers socks. I am also planning on taking my spinning beyond merino and am sourcing fibers for that.

      My special project this year is the very tiny dress I discussed in my blog a few posts ago. I am spinning ultra thin yarn and plan on knitting it on very tiny needles. It is the first masochistic knitting project of the New Year. Knowing me, I am sure there will be more.

      I have always knit for charity. I design and knit baby clothes and donate them to the hospital where I had my mastectomy. The money goes to breast cancer patients who need help paying for the medical costs of the disease. It also helps maintain a support network of social workers and women who have been through breast cancer and can help navigate, support, and be there for women going through treatment.

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    7. chrisknits says:

      Nothing new, just hoping to refine my quilting.
      I have plans for 2-3 sweaters, hoping I follow through with them.
      Yes to donating. I plan to continue this he ha knitting, but not quite as much as last year.

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    9. I started typing a reply here but it was getting quite long so have done a post on my blog….

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    10. AJ says:

      Hmmm- my goal for 2019 is to use as many skeins as possible out of my stash! I’m not sure I have a technique in mind but steeking and brioche are intriguing me lately.
      I donate a lot of my unused Knits to my school’s holiday market. I wanted to donate to my local hospital’s gift shop, but it’s a very closed group:(

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    11. Always like a Q&A!
      My crafty plans for 2019 are similar to 2018 – knit myself some garments and socks. I would like to make my daughter another jumper as she is very knitworthy. As to learning something new, I have just made my first pair of mittens including the first try at knitting a thumb. I think that’s as adventurous as I am likely to get.
      I think my first garment of the year will qualify as special as it incorporates some colourwork and the pattern is gorgeous. It is Gaudi by Martin Storey for Rowan.
      I would consider donating an item I’ve made to charity on a second-hand basis if it was still in good condition and no longer fitted me. Other than that, not really. On the whole I knit things that I want to wear and I wear them until they fall apart. I am not a process knitter so I don’t make things just for the sake of doing it.

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    12. I plan to keep knitting as my primary craft, but I am also going to attempt sewing my own clothes. I’ve never been much of a sewer (it requires details, which I don’t like in my crafts).

      I am debating a special project this year: matching Christmas sweaters for my nephews and Elliot. It would be a huge undertaking, but it would be a great surprise for my sister. I think it would be worth it to see her cry with happiness.

      I’ve donated hats and mittens to a transitional housing complex. I love making dishcloths for the same community – it is a gift that can be used and washed easily that shows someone that they are home.

      Great questions!

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    13. kmkat says:

      What are your crafty plans for 2019? Are you going to try something new? If you could learn one new thing this year what would it be? I shall continue knitting as much as possible; that should be more than last year because I have backed away from some volunteer activities. Plus, I really, really, REALLY want to knit up my stash. The one thing I would love to learn is brioche. I can do 2-color brioche in the round or flat, but I need to learn how to increase and decrease, plus how to fix errors (without having to tink back or frog and start over!)
      Do you have a special project planned for 2019? Are you going to make something special for yourself or someone else? My goal is to finish the UFOs cluttering up my craft table. So far I have finished a charity sweater and two pairs of socks; both pairs had 1.3 socks done, so finishing was quick.
      I’ve been wondering if you’ve ever donated something you’ve made to charity. Is it something you’d consider doing? Why or why not? I always knit for the local warm clothing drive in December every year. I am thinking that knitting kids’ sweaters in worsted weight yarn to send to other charity efforts is a good way to use up that stash. I have enough clothes and handknit accessories (not that I might not knit more, but still.)


    14. Stefanie says:

      What are your crafty plans for 2019? Are you going to try something new? If you could learn one new thing this year what would it be?
      I will be trying TAAT sock knitting, 2-color Portuguese knitting, and brioche knitting in February.

      Do you have a special project planned for 2019? Are you going to make something special for yourself or someone else?
      I hope to get up to basic dress level in sewing!

      I’ve been wondering if you’ve ever donated something you’ve made to charity. Is it something you’d consider doing? Why or why not?
      That is one spanking good idea. I have some knitted things that I don’t ever wear.

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    15. 1. I currently have a lace sleeveless top on the needles, for me; the first one I made more or less followed the pattern, to gauge, but the lace clung to every (generous) curve. I’m doing top down this time (because I like the leaf pattern better this way, and I can better insure it fits) and I’m inserting wedged panels starting at the bust and going down from there. That’s my current challenge project. I need more socks – that’s another challenge project, as I want to do toe up, and the design I like is top down, so I need to reverse the directions for the cables. I also sew most of my clothes, as well as insulated shades for friends, and dye fiber and crochet and anything else I need to do to enhance my knitting!
      2. I guess the above covers that!
      3. I always have a basket of completed small items (hats, scarves and small shawls, mitts and mittens, cowls, small toys, etc.) for donations, mostly as a fundraiser for schools, the library, or Quaker organizations with which I’m involved. This is how I am working down my stash of left over yarns, and things donated. I don’t know how it works that yarn comes in faster than I can knit it, though! I’m very disciplined about not buying yarn unless I have an immediate use for it – sometimes necessary when a granddaughter requests something very specific.

      My blog – – is primarily about kayaking, but I do occasionally put in pics of recent knitting. Maybe some day I’ll have time to follow the links others have included here!

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