Just A Little Bit

This has been a crazy week. The Husband is on vacation. We’ve been trying to get a few things done, get some walking in when the weather agrees and everything else has fallen to the wayside. I did knit a few rows on Thursday but none yesterday. I didn’t even manage to squeeze in a blog post yesterday. Things should slow down the next few days but then the Christmas crazy will arrive. I’ve got to rearrange the furniture in the living room so I can squeeze in the tree. All my shopping has to be done.

I do want to tell you about my most favorite annual donation. Every year my town does a socks for seniors collection. Then the socks are given to the local senior citizens. The idea is to donate fun socks. Ones with wild, bright colors or busy designs. I picked out kneesocks for the ladies socks. A couple had animals and one had stars. One of the men’s socks (people often forget the men I’ve been told) had a cartoon guy and the others had bright geometric design. Some time I’ll have to get my act together and knit a few pairs. You know, if I ever get my act together.

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11 Responses to Just A Little Bit

  1. Those crazy days will be past before you know it! Christmas does bring a lot of activities with it, though. Love the sock donation idea – what a lovely thought!

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  2. tinaor says:

    Love the sock donation idea too! Well done otherwise, a few rows is better than no rows in the season’s chaos.

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  3. How strange that they should struggle to get enough men’s socks when men are so much more likely to wear socks than women. Good for you to be donating to this good cause.

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  4. The sock donation is a wonderful idea. I should look into something like that.

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  5. chrisknits says:

    What a great idea! I must remember that if ever I need to donate socks to older people. Love the shawl, it looks so cozy!

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  6. Alissa Head says:

    I love the sock donation drive! I heard recently about a hat donation drive nearby, and next year I would really like to knit a few to donate. The person telling me about it was looking for inexpensive ones to buy, and I wondered if they would be very warm.

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  7. I am already in panic mode. Seriously, how can it be December already? Ugh. So much to do and so little will to do it. Hopefully time will slow down for us so that we can fit everything in that we need to do and be able to relax and enjoy it. Love the sock donation. Crazy socks are fun socks 😉


  8. Stefanie says:

    LOL, that’s what I always tell myself when I want to join in on a knitting charity drive. I have socks but don’t really wear them. I don’t know if I should give them away or do something so I’d actually wear them.

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  9. Olivia says:

    as I’ve said in the past, yours is my favorite blog and I save it for last. When I can’t understand is how you have time to blog at all. You live a busy life, a ton, you have a family who is involved, and you have a sense of responsibility to us. I don’t know people thank you enough for opening up your life and sharing it with us. But thank you, and please continue… LOL

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  10. kathyreeves says:

    I’m with you on the crazy days this past week! I am so far behind on everything!!!

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  11. salpal1 says:

    It is crazy days! But those socks all sound great, and I am sure they are much appreciated!

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