Crafty Curiosity: A Q & A

I’ve enjoyed asking questions about knitting and crocheting but I thought it would be fun to make the questions even broader. If you’d like to answer in the comments that’s great. If you’d rather post your answers on your blog leave a link telling us so we can come and read them.

  • What is the first actual craft you remember doing as a child? (Not coloring or finger painting. Something more special that you didn’t do regularly.)
  • What is the craziest craft you’ve tried?
  • What craft would you like to try but you know you’d be bad at it?
  • If you had to give up your crafting how would you spend your crafting time?
  • What craft isn’t your thing? Have you tried it or do you just know you wouldn’t like it?
  • Here are my answers:
    • My mother bought me little craft kits when I was a kid. Every Saturday we would pick up my grandmother and take her shopping. We’d go to Grants and Woolworths (where we’d have lunch and if I was lucky I’d get a banana split for dessert!) and then get groceries and if I was good (aka not a complete pest) I’d get to pick out a cheap toy. Often times I’d get a craft kit. My favorites were these little sun catchers that you baked in the oven or Shrinky Dinks. Both were so much fun but made the kitchen smell awful.
      I did macrame when it was popular in the 70’s. I made a plant hanger. One was enough.
      Decoupage. I love the way other people’s projects look. Mine would look like scraps of paper stuck to something not art.
      I like to think I’d use my time to read or otherwise improve myself like get more exercise but I honestly think I’d spend more time playing games on my phone or doing genealogy research. I already do those things enough that it cuts into my knitting time.
      I know I’m not a jewelry maker. I don’t wear jewelry so making it doesn’t appeal. The closest I get is stitch markers and I prefer to have The Husband make them. He’s better with the fine detail than I am.

    I can’t wait to read your answers!

  • The above photo shows the WIPs.
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    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    11 Responses to Crafty Curiosity: A Q & A

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    2. I always love these Q&A things, so thanks for posting them! I answered them on my blog as well.

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    3. KerryCan says:

      This is fun! I may answer the questions in a future blog post–if I do, I’ll come back and give the link.


    4. RebSef says:

      I remember making a pencil case at school when I was little. I had to sew along the edges. I think it was the first time I sewed. I used to like it because I used to like the lady who did the sewing with us. I’d like to learn how to make matchstick models. But, I’m not really good at delicate things like that…

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    5. tonymarkp says:

      Oooo this one requires me to think a little. I’m going to answer these questions to jog my memory. I have to rewind my brain back to like the 1980s or so, I believe! I’ll get back to you with a blog post soon!

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    6. I love the Q & A posts 😊 Like Tony I’ll have to think on that a while…I’ll get back to you 😁

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    7. I recall doing shadow boxes. I was not very good at them! I dont know what i’d do if I couldnt knit….
      A craft I’d like to learn in caligraphy. Does that count?

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    8. I love your Q&A posts – such good questions! I have answered in a post on my blog at

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    9. Great questions:
      I made candles when I was a kid. Ruined some of mums pans in the process.
      I too did macrame. I learnt from someone we visited in the US on hols.
      Painting art. But I know I am useless at it, so Crochet is a great substitute for working with colour.
      I would probably end up working more in the garden or going on long walks.
      I have done stone carving. Three times now and whilst it was a great experience, it’s just too much hard work. I never really finished all the pieces I made. It’s the mess it makes too.

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    10. Alissa Head says:

      I’m posting your Q&A today at

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