Knitting Q & A

I thought we could try something different: A Knitting (or crocheting) Q & A. Maybe it will kickstart all the motivation that seems to be missing.

  1. What technique were you surprised that you enjoyed?
  • 2. What technique do you want to love but don’t?
  • 3. What is your favorite item to make?
  • 4. You’re only allowed to knit with one yarn weight forever. What weight is it and why?
  • 5. What item that you made is your all time favorite?
  • If you want to answer on your blog just let us know in the comments. If you want to answer here in the comments that’s great too.
  • Here are my answers:
  • 1. I can’t believe how much I enjoy adding beads to a project. The photo above is Celestarium. I loved knitting it even when the beads made me feel like I was all thumbs. I’ve since done socks and a couple more shawls with beads. I’m sure I’ll do another project in the future.
  • 2. I love colorwork. I am drawn to the sweaters in particular. Over and over I buy yarn and patterns and before I’m more than half a skein in I’m wishing I had picked something else. It just isn’t my thing to knit.
  • 3. I love to knit socks. I can almost knit them in my sleep. If I had to knit socks forever I’d be perfectly happy to do so.
  • 4. Fingering weight all the way. I really like it for socks, hats and cowls. The wild colored ones are my favorite.
  • 5. I knit a top down navy blue cardigan in Cascade 220. Other than socks it was my most worn item. I wore holes in the cuffs on the sleeves and it was quite nubby by the time I finally admitted it’s time was past.
  • About nothingbutknit2

    I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    27 Responses to Knitting Q & A

    1. AJ says:

      Ok— I love doing the entrelac, though it surprises me.
      I so dislike doing ribbing- I find it mind numbing my boring.
      I love knitting top down raglan sweaters.
      I would always knit with fingering as it is the perfect size for my small hands.
      I made a navy large shrug and I always wear it. It’s warm, comfy and yet I feel great in it

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    2. salpal1 says:

      1.) I love knitting lace. I was afraid of it, it was so hard to follow the complicated rows, but through stitch markers and lifelines, I discovered it is not so hard after all!
      2.) I am with AJ, I really hate ribbing. I do it but don’t enjoy it. Ditto for seed which is the same thing, after all. All that back and forth with the yarn is slow and feels like a waste of time.
      3.) I love knitting shawls.
      4.) fingering weight is so versatile! Socks and shawls for sure, but also sweaters. And you can hold multiple strands if you want thicker yarn.
      5.) This is a tough one. I too have a navy cascade cardigan that I love, but I think my fav is a long gone simple top down raglan pullover knit in Bartlett worsted weight, a lovely aqua blue color. I wore that until it was a pilled felted thing with holes in the elbows. I should make another one. They still make the yarn and I still have the pattern…

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    3. Colleen says:

      OK it is scary that your answers are almost identical to mine.
      1. Love beads – even though it seems like the bead rows take forever. It just seems like magic that they go on and STAY on the stitch! I love the Fleegle beader I got on Etsy – it makes beading almost a joy 🙂
      2. I love the results of colorwork but not the clumsiness I feel when doing it.
      3. This is actually a tie between socks and shawls. The freedom of shawls (no fit problems!) is wonderful but the satisfaction of wearing my own socks still makes me smile.
      4. Fingering weight for sure.
      5. My all time favorite item was the Irish Moss pullover I made for my son. It is a fisherman cable sweater and it turned out so well and fits him perfectly. Miles of seed stitch on the back, but worth every knit/purl combo…..

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    4. Helen says:

      1. magic loop (so far)
      2. double pts, (they hate me) seed stitch get pesky holes between stitches
      3. shawls, I so want to knit socks still trying that on
      4. finger wgt (today anyway)
      5. first kal shawl with Susan B Anderson on Rav

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    6. Tina says:

      I first wated to add my answers in a comment here, but it turned out a little longer, so I decided to turn it into a blog post instead. You can find my answers here:

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    7. 1. I-cord bind-off which I’ve just tried after 53 years of knitting!
      2. Patterned socks. They look so lovely in everyone’s finished objects then I pick up a sock yarn and it just looks most beautiful as a plain vanilla sock.
      3. Cardigans, knit from the bottom up in pieces then joined together to give a good structure with proper seams.
      4. 4-ply (I’m in the UK and that’s a yarn weight here – it equates to Fingering in America). I love Martin Storey’s cardigan patterns in 4-ply wools and echo the sentiments of an earlier comment that it can be held in multiple strands allowing you to do gradient fades and marls with ease.
      5. A Nancy Vale pattern, Sloped Rib Cardigan, that I knitted in the 1980s in a deep brown wool. I loved that cardigan. I have since made two further versions of it but haven’t found a wool that has worked as well as the original one I made.
      Brilliant questionnaire, thanks!

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    8. fun!
      #1 i cord making!
      #2 favorite to make: hard to say. maybe: socks Maybe: fingerless

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    9. Oh and Weight of yarn forever: fingering or sock for fear of repetitive stress injury
      -Favorite thing Ive made: An alpaca vest. It was such a bear to knit it, but I wear it like crazy

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    10. ReginaMary says:

      This is fun!
      1. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed working with beads too!
      2. I really, REALLY want to enjoy (or at least tolerate) ribbing, but to be honest, it is my least favorite thing in the whole wide world. I think it is because it never looks as nice as I want it to. Thank heaven for the twisted rib, right?
      3. I love colorwork and top down raglans equally, I think.
      4. Fingering weight and smaller gauge needles has become my go-to lately, but really, the only yarn I do not care for is super-bulky on large needles; everything else is yummy.
      5. I love the Yowza Weigh-it Shawl that I made for my honeymoon. I knit it in the Deep Sea Jellyfish colorway. It was my first shawl. It is a fun, easy, functional, pretty shawl that literally goes with EVERYTHING. I can’t believe how much I have worn that darn shawl.

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    11. chrisknits says:

      1. What technique were you surprised that you enjoyed? Hm, can’t say I have an answer for this. Maybe Entrelac?
      2. What technique do you want to love but don’t? Socks
      3. What is your favorite item to make? Shawls!!! And baby hats.
      4. You’re only allowed to knit with one yarn weight forever. What weight is it and why? Sport, heavier than DK, lighter than Worsted. But not many patterns get done for Sport.
      5. What item that you made is your all time favorite? Right now, Indigo Frost!! It usually is the last thing I knit. But also my Anatolian Rose Garden Wrap.

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    12. Okay….here’s my answers…..
      1. I was surprised how much I enjoy knitting (stranded) colorwork!
      2. I’d really like to enjoy knitting socks, but I don’t (maybe I haven’t found the right type of sock to knit?)!
      3. My favorite item to make is HATS!!!!
      4. I guess I’d choose worsted weight….if I could only knit with one!
      5. My favorite item I’ve knit is this Priory Shawl.

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    13. What good questions!
      1. I was surprised at how much I enjoy entrelac. I resisted it a long time, and I still don’t think it’s a good technique for every application, but it is fun to do!
      2. Double knitting. It’s clever and all – it just feels like a lot of extra work for no good reason.
      3. Sweaters. Love making sweaters!
      4. This is a tough one! Probably worsted, as making sweaters with fingering weight would take a lot longer than I have patience for.
      5. I made a knit pencil skirt out of a lovely tweed yarn. It is really pretty and comfy, it’s warm, and I get tons of compliments on it. I actually have the same yarn in a different color to make another one!

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      • tonymarkp says:

        I have put off trying out entrelac because I just expect I’ll hate it. You’ve made me reconsider.

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        • I avoided it at first because when the technique originally got popular all anyone used it for was huge blocky sweaters. But it was the 80’s, and all the sweaters were huge and blocky. So it looks nice used on appropriate projects. Also, it looks much harder than it is! Try a scarf or something – see what you think!

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    16. tonymarkp says:

      I did a post here because I also had too much to say in response to these great questions: I also agree with you on the beads. It is way too fun to add beads to your knitting. When I first started using beads I felt this urge to put beads on everything. I didn’t put beads on everything, but I thought about it because it’s so cool to knit with beads.

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    17. I wrote a post in reply. Thank you for doing this, it got me thinking and gave me something to write about.

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    18. Tony says:

      This was interesting
      1. Using DPN’s as single points. Bought an eBay impulse buy and didn’t read all the description as well as I should have. They are all either 8inch or 14inch DPN’s.
      2. Weaving in the ends.
      3. Headbands with a cable pattern. I can almost do them while watching the TV
      4. DK. Because that’s the yarn weight I learned with.
      5. It was a ‘bat-wing’ sweater in Mohair, that I made from a kit nearly 40 years ago.

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    19. 1. Turning sock heels! Still love the magic!
      2. Intarsia, though I have only tried it a couple of times. Stranding is not my favorite, but I like slip stitch color work.
      3. Socks.
      4. Fingering weight.
      5.Tough to pick – Tempest sweater, because I wear it often in winter; or Girl in the Grocery Store shawl because I was able to knit it while recovering from surgery, and it was about the only thing I could do.

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    20. Stefanie says:

      1. What technique were you surprised that you enjoyed?
      Hmmm…I guess I’d say knitting a slipped stitch sock heel. It’s magic and so neat how to comes to life and how the direction changes.
      2. What technique do you want to love but don’t?
      Lacework. I know it makes such pretty results but damn it slows down my knitting and I have to count every row.
      3. What is your favorite item to make?
      Well, I’ve made many beanies in the past. I like their simplicity and probably because they’re quickly gratifying.
      4. You’re only allowed to knit with one yarn weight forever. What weight is it and why?
      I think worsted because I like how its weight feels in my hands.
      5. What item that you made is your all time favorite?
      I say my Flax because it came out awesome.

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    21. Olivia says:

      I know this s last week’s note but I have been over-the-top with summer house guest, babysitting and cleaning. I’ve managed to finish several projects because knitting takes less concentrated effort than blogging. So here’s my belated answers.
      1. Socks. They always looked so complicated with all those bristling double pointed needles. But after my first pair I was hooked (no pun intended). I love making them, buying sock yarn and giving them away.
      2. Baby blankets. They are so lovely but they take too long.
      3. Favorite item, hands down are baby sweaters on tiny needles and super soft baby wool from France. They are quick and always appreciated.
      4. One yarn weight would be Baby Yarn for about size 3 US needle. It always knits up beautifully and looks almost machine made nice and smooth, tight (but not too tight) knit and looks professional. I prefer Cashmerino by Debbie Bliss, Drops or Fonty.
      5. My all time favorite project was a Cuff to Cuff sideways knit sweater out of silk blend the colors of a tropical reef and baby blue water. It had a lace v neck so it was complicated to follow the pattern which was written in Swedish. No, I don’t speak Swedish. I made it during the summer at the beach when my children were small so it smelled of suntan lotion and the Cape Cod Seashore.

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    23. 4. Probably fingering because it can be used for delicate lacework and also for sweaters and other clothing.

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