Planning For July

Before the planning I have one piece of housekeeping. Olivia asked me to change the photo at the top of my blog. She thought for sure my having a snow photo was the reason our weather here in Massachusetts has been less than seasonable. I hope this photo brings on the warm weather but if we’re suddenly in the high 90’s every day I’m putting the snow photo back.*

The requirement for the Camp Loopy July project was announced yesterday. We are supposed to challenge ourselves in some way. Well knitting a big project in July will be a challenge for multiple reasons and that is before I even pick out a pattern. July tends to be hot and that just sucks away my knitting mojo. We’re also planning a little vacation and I never manage to knit more than a few rows when we’re in vacation mode. In the car I handle the navigation and once we’re settled in our hotel at night I’m just too tired. I’ll have to consider those lost days. So with these things in mind I’ve picked out a few possible projects. I won’t make up my mind for sure until I have the yarn I ordered in my hands. I’ll tell you all about that once it arrives.

The patterns I picked will be a challenge for multiple reasons.

Have you knit any of these? Do you have an opinion?

*I do all my blogging on my phone so I never see the desktop view. I’d completely forgotten what photo was there. Olivia: Thanks for the heads up!

The photo of the peony is from a few years ago. They don’t look great this year.

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17 Responses to Planning For July

  1. Mama Cormier says:

    All very pretty.

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  2. quilt32 says:

    Love the new header.

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  3. chrisknits says:

    Lovely header! I think that Nightshades is gorgeous!! A little twist to up the wow factor. But all would make lovely shawls. Can’t wait to see the yarn choices.

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  4. salpal1 says:

    I laughed at the thought that your snowy photo is causing this crazy weather. If it gets hot now, please do replace it!

    I have not knit any of those shawls, but they all are lovely. I think the birches one might be easiest to do in what sounds like limited time!

    On vacation if you are headed this way, I hope you will say so before you are home, I’d love to meet you in real life and do some knitting together.

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  5. I did Waiting for Rain, and really enjoyed it! it is a nice knit -just challenging enough so you feel stretched a bit, but not crazy complicated. Where in PA are you going? I’m from eastern PA and we used to love going to the caves!

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  6. I just made Antarktis by Janina Kallio. I liked her aesthetic and pattern was well done.

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  7. I knit Waiting for Rain and just loved it. There were charts for the lace inserts and I think I used a lot of stitch markets. You would be challenged taking this on vacation with you. I think the pattern was well written and I just loved the final product. I have some grey yarn that I’m holding back to make another one that I plan to call ‘Waiting for Snow”; it will be my September knot. 😀

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  8. kathyreeves says:

    That is the color of peony I want!! The first two look amazing but a little scary. I would probably go with them, just because they are so pretty.😄

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  9. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I haven’t knit any of those patterns, but I really like the look of Water. Knitshades would be my second choice. Can’t wait to see which one you choose and the yarn you’ll be using! My peonies didn’t do as well this year, either. The ones that bloomed were beautiful, but there were much fewer blooms this year. I wonder if it was the frigid cold in Dec/Jan, or the warm temps in Feb?

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  10. Stefanie says:

    With WP blogs, I generally don’t see the full blog. What great choices you have for this next challenge.

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  11. AJ says:

    Hey Karen,
    I have knit a Dylvia McFadden shawl as has my friend. We both had the same experience- I did the waiting for rain and the pattern reads like it was written by a beginner designer, which it was, so as long as you can o relook that- there’s nothing about it that will cause you trouble.

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  12. Olivia says:

    And of course, the new photo is gorgeous! I had a good laugh though. If it turns horribly hot, you’re welcome to return to the snow! Lol 💕

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