Woot! Woot!

I was so lucky to win a contest on Hannah’s blog. The fabulous prize arrived yesterday. It is a most gorgeous keychain. I just love it. It’s so beautiful! I plan to attach it to my knitting bag so I’ll be able to admire it often. Thank you so much Hannah!

Yesterday I finished the first skein of yarn for the vest. I’m going to try spit splicing* the skeins together. I’ve never done this before and I hope it works for me. Do you spit splice skeins together? Have you ever run into a problem? I’ve always worried that it will suddenly let go when I’m wearing the item. Maybe I can get over that.

* I won’t be using spit. I’ll use water.

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15 Responses to Woot! Woot!

  1. jackallcraft says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever spit spliced. Might have tried it a couple times and couldn’t get it to work. I use a Russian join I think, where you use a needle and thread each end into the other.

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  2. I use it all the time and never had a problem. I always check it by trying to pull it apart before proceeding with my project. If it isn’t a good join, I continue until it is. Sometimes it’s too wet and others, too dry but it makes a great join.

    And I use water, too. 😉

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  3. I use the Russian join. It’s my FAVORITE method!

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  4. AJ says:

    I’ve heard of it, but haven’t tried it. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you:)

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  5. kathyreeves says:

    This sounds interesting!

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  6. randomlyerin says:

    I have successfully spit spliced in the past. It worked pretty well actually. Adequate moisture and plenty of friction.

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  7. chrisknits says:

    Use it all the time, no problem yet. And I do use spit, never seem to have water to hand when I need it. LOL Lovely key chain!!

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  8. Stefanie says:

    That’s a pretty keychain. I use the spit splice method and yeah, I use my spit. I really rub it a lot and double check to make sure it’s all felted in that area and tug on it.

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  9. Congratulations on your win – that is lovely! I have tried spit splicing, and it worked out ok. But I made sure there was a pretty long overlap of the yarns that I knitted into the fabric just for a little extra insurance.

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  10. I only ever use magic knot as I feel reluctant using spit splicing. I’ve just seen the Russian join on YouTube and it looks interesting.

    Congratulations on your win.

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  11. salpal1 says:

    Hey, congrats on the win, what fun!!

    I have spit spliced, and it works fine if you are using fiber that can felt. It’s not as effective on superwash or other non-felting yarn. As someone already said, use a fairly long section so it is knit together, too, and you should be fine.

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  12. ReginaMary says:

    Isn’t that a beautiful gift?

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  13. That is a beautiful key chain. Really reminds one of the sea.
    lol. Yes, I spit splice. With water. It works very well on natural fibers. Mine has held so far. Just dont make the overlap in the splice to short. 🙂
    Your vest of looking very soft and easy to wear.

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  14. YarnyDragonfly says:

    That’s exciting to win something so beautiful – yea! I’ve never done spit splicing but I remember reading somewhere that it is best to use your spit because it has something in it that helps bind the wool together better than just water (????). I have no idea if this is true.

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  15. Alissa Head says:

    Yes, I always splice my yarn if it is wool (except for color stranded knitting). Yay, a vest!

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