Monday Q & A on Tuesday

*When were you last in a big city? 

We were in Boston during the summer meeting H for lunch during her work day.

*What handknit did you wear this weekend?

None. I’m very bad about wearing them. I’ve even stopped wearing handknit socks. I’ll try to do better.

*Do your pets sit by the heating vents, radiators or the like when it is cold in the house?

Myles prefers to snuggle when he’s cold or he’ll make a nest on the bed out of the comforter. I need a new duvet cover because of his overly aggressive nesting.

*How do you keep track of the knits you’ve created and what yarn was used?

Ravelry. There is no better way.

*Does anybody have that Norman Rockwell scene around the Thanksgiving table anymore? 

If eating Italian food on a Sunday around Thanksgiving in a restaurant counts then yes. We do dinner with the in laws as a group of maybe 20 people.

*Do you have a small batch recipe that works? 

No. I make full batches of everything. A teenage boy can easily devour a full batch in two days or two batches in a day if it’s something he really likes.

*How are your hands holding up ?  Chapped?  

My hands are a wreck. They’re dry, cracked and splitting. I’ve been unable to find a good greaseless skin cream with pronounceable ingredients. Do you have any suggestions?

*What are you missing about summer? 

Short answer: Everything.

Number 1 thing: The sunlight.

*When was the last time you went through a security line?

It’s been a while. I can’t remember.

*Does your family have a secret family recipe? 

There are a few recipes but none are secret:)

Be sure to visit Compassionknit to read her answers.


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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4 Responses to Monday Q & A on Tuesday

  1. chrisknits says:

    I live 10 minutes from a big city, I have no desire to go there! And yes, we do have the Rockwell Thanksgiving, except the turkey is already deboned. Dogs prefer wherever I am to warmth.


  2. salpal1 says:

    Have you tried Nivea Indulgence hand cream? I think that is the name of it… anyway, it has macadamia oil in it, but it is so nice and really softens my hands, when I remember to use it.

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  3. Thanks for playing q and a! I love Italian food so I’d be happy with your thanksgiving!

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  4. kmkat says:

    Years ago one of our local TV stations did a Consumers Report-type feature on hand lotions. They ended up recommending Eucerin as the only one that really softened and moisturized. I use the Original Moisturizing Lotion (apparently now called Original Healing Lotion) except during the depths of winter, when I move on to (I think; the bottle is far away in the bedroom) Intensive Repair Lotion. Walmart also makes a generic version of some of the Eucerin products if your are watching your pennies.

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