Things And A Garden Update

Blog stuff: Before using the WordPress App (which I love!) I used Photobucket to host my photos. It seems they have taken leave of their senses and now want to charge for what was supposed to be a free service (third party hosting.) So all my previous photos now have their notice. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am open to suggestions if anyone has one. 

I thought that now that we are about half way through the summer I’d give a little update on the garden. Things aren’t doing great. We’ve got a couple of tomatoes that are nearly ready but that is about all. The tomato and pepper plants are looking pretty spindly. As I said there are tomatoes but not a pepper or even flower in sight. 

The summer squash is doing ok. The plant has put out three tiny squashes but two quickly dried up and fell off. I have no idea what is up with that. 

The cauliflower is progressing. It might be getting near ready to pick but I’m not sure. 

The jack be nimble pumpkins are doing well. It looks like buds are forming. 

Overall I’m not sure we’ll bother with the full garden next year. I might do an experimental thing next year with just pumpkins. I’d really like to try growing a big one. I’ll reassess in the fall. 

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6 Responses to Things And A Garden Update

  1. spindly plants with little fruit might suggest lack of: a) light; b) nutritiens…. Maybe next year you could try growing plants in big pots with enriched soil….

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  2. elpalchica says:

    When picasa was folded I moved to flickr. It has been fine so far.

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  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Have you used any type of fertilizer? That might help. At least we’ve had fairly regular rain so far this summer (unlike the dust bowl of last summer). The farmer over here uses a special soil mix for the container farm and all the plants look freakishly huge and are producing so fast we can hardly keep up! We’ve had a few ripe tomatoes already, but those were started indoors back in Feb. or March.

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  4. chrisknits says:

    All my stuff grows wonderfully big and beautiful, at the local farm which then sells it at markets or groceries!!! Bwahahaha!!!! Not a green thumb, but a green lover I am. Just about any shade as long as it’s yarn, fabric, paint, etc….

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  5. kathyreeves says:

    Gardening has a learning curve, which is of course complicated by individual plots! I suggest you take a soil sample to your county extension office for analysis. Google them as (name of county) County Extension service and I Bet you’ll find their website. They may have Master Gardeners that you can visit with as well. If you know what your soil has, you will know what it may need added to provide the best growing medium.
    That being said, our garden is WAY WEIRD this year. We may not get any beans at all, and my peppers are looking quite pathetic. I think your cauliflower is bolting, so you aren’t going to have a pretty head, but it should still taste good. 😀 DH says every plant grown and observed provides info for next year!

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  6. Mr Knitter says:

    I use Apple for my storage these days, safe, backed up, always in my cloud drives and locked away from others unless I want to share it.

    I used to use flickr for years and paid for the service too, but one day I went to log in and upload more photos, I had about 10k photos stored there, and they had deleted everything saying I had violated the T&C’s, I questioned this as I knew I had not, they told me I had uploaded someone else’s photos, which I had not, and never would, and assured them that they were wrong. The insisted that someone (not even in the UK) had stated that one of my photos was theirs. I asked which one this deformation was about, and they told me they were not at liberty to answer this. Again I told them that this was about 8 years of my own work, including stuff I had done for the BBC and book covers I had published, and I would take legal action against them and the accuser as it was lies. Their attitude was that their decision was final, and if I wanted to see them in court be warned that they had bigger lawyers.

    Your plants are looking great.

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