In Search of Advice

I have a problem that I’m sure lots of people have and I want to know how you deal with it. I bought strawberries and blueberries when I grocery shopped and two days later they look nasty. Not even half got eaten. The strawberries are turning brown and the blueberries are dry and wrinkling. Has anyone tried the Rubbermaid Freshworks containers? Do they really extend the freshness of berries? Should I only buy frozen (boohoo) if I can’t pick them fresh myself? What do you do? I’m sad to say living on chocolate only isn’t an option. 

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4 Responses to In Search of Advice

  1. Wendy says:

    I do think the Rubbermaid Freshworks helps. But I haven’t used it on berries. It keeps spinach for a LONG time. and anything else I’ve tried, it has extended the life of the food.
    Hate it when I buy things and it goes bad so fast. If it has just started looking a little dried out I make a crisp. Umm, blueberry crisp.

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  2. kathyreeves says:

    Hmm. We have not had that problem here, it is common or is it a new thing this year? Wrinkling blueberries sound like they are old when they arrive, and strawberries almost sound like they had some sort of disease early on that is affecting the berries. Nothing to make them bad, just unsightly.
    While fresh is sure yummy, if it is a constant issue, I would divide them in half and slice the strawberries and throw them in a ziploc with just a sprinkle of sugar, and just freeze the blueberries. Those would still be good on cereal, or in salads or for baking, but they would be better than the wrinkled and brown.

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  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I would return them to the store! Well, in my head I would, but in reality, they would go in the garbage. I’ve never tried the special storage containers, I just try to figure out which fruit/berries look the best and every once in awhile I get disappointed. Thank goodness we are coming into farmers market season and lots of fresh berries soon.

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  4. avantaknits says:

    We use Debbie Meyers Green Bags and containers. Berries and produce keep forever (well, a couple of weeks) in the containers. The bags are especially good for leafy veg and asparagus.

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