Odds and Ends

These are a few little things I’ve noticed this week. 

The puppy planter has gone crazy. It’s nearly impossible to keep enough water in the dish. I refill it nearly every day. The clover has grown so quickly. I’ll be interested to see if the clover flowers. That would be exciting. 

The crown of thorns that was my mother’s has flowered and appears to have more coming. I had inherited two plants but only kept one. It looked pretty horrible in the fall and I was ready to dump it but couldn’t. It’s obviously very happy in its current location. 

I continue to love peanut M&Ms and it appears they love me too. This one was in the oversized bag I bought for Easter. 


About nothingbutknit2

I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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8 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. kathyreeves says:

    Your plants are doing beautifully!

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  2. beingbodeker says:

    That puppy planter is sweet! So clever.

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  3. Helen says:

    Your plants are beautiful … thinking I will checkout finding the crown of thrones for myself. Thank you for sharing

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  4. madgeface says:

    I love it when my candy loves me back. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?

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  5. Well done on the plants. I love it when they seem to come back to life. The puppy planter is to cute, I love it.
    🙂 Enjoy the candy.

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  6. KerryCan says:

    That puppy planter cracks me up–I’ve never seen that before! Your plants DO look happy!

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  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    That is one thirsty puppy! It must be fun to watch the clover growing. That’s great that you found a heart shaped peanut M&M! 🙂 I finally got a bag before Easter and between J and I we polished it off in a day and half (that’s why I can’t have them in the house!).

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  8. I love the puppy planter – so cute! And lucky you hetting that heart in your sweeties 😉

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