Birthday Boy

Myles is 2 years old today. He’s still a yarn stealing wild man though I can see times when he is more calm and less crazed. He loves nothing better than to lounge about the house chewing on a bone. He’ll do just about anything for a dog cookie. Today he’ll get extra cookies and scratches. Myles, our life would be boring without you. 


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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11 Responses to Birthday Boy

  1. Happy Birthday wishes to the birthday boy, he is super cute. xx

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    Happy birthday, Myles!! Whether on 2 legs or 4, my boys were yarn stealing wild ones at 2 yrs. He is a lovebug!

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  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Happy second birthday, Myles! Enjoy all your extra treats today! And stay away from the yarn!


  4. leahfaith1976 says:

    He is one cutie! Happy Birthday Myles xx

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  5. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday Cutie!!!

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  6. MurisKnits says:

    Happy Birthday Myles!! You deserve lots of extra treats and hugs for being so adorable!

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  7. tinaor says:

    That doggie looks so cute! I think I’d almost forgive him anything – apart from the yarn stealing, of course!

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  8. Stefanie says:

    I can’t believe Myles is only two years old; it seems you had him forever. Love his wild fur. He’s a giant poodle, yeah?

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  9. Happy Birthday dear dear BOY!!

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