March Snow

The storm started off pretty seriously. Lots of wind, the snow was blowing sideways. It was pretty impressive. 

This is right about the time the snow changed to rain. We had maybe 6-8 inches of snow at that point. Shoveling wasn’t pleasant but we got it done. 

It continued to rain for a few more hours and then changed back to snow. Then the temperature dropped into the low 20’s. Yup, ice. Untreated surfaces are slick. At least they knew it was coming so they pretreated the roads. School has been delayed 2 hours. Overall we fared very well. How are things where you are? 


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13 Responses to March Snow

  1. Here in Utah we were out in short sleeves doing yard work. 😀 Sorry.

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  2. Sunny and warm in Dublin – first day to hand laundry out to dry.

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  3. shellssells says:

    Midwest is snow free but it’s been windy and cold. Warm up begins today! Hopefully we’ll send that your way.

    If you’ve gotta have snow, light and fluffy is what you want. Not the mix between rain and slush and ice and snow. What you had is the worst type to deal with!

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  4. We only got a couple of inches. I can only imagine how messy that ice is. Stay safe

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  5. SusanK says:

    Some areas the snow is up to my knees, some areas up to my waist where it drifted. Had to go out my back door, trudge through the back yard and climb over my gate that was snowed shut to get to the shovel to dig out around the front door. This was a pretty epic storm in these parts!

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  6. YarnyDragonfly says:

    We made it through the storm too. The winds were WILD! I’m thankful that we didn’t lose power. Lots of huge frozen snow boulders to deal with.

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  7. We dropped into the teens and twenties in SW Missouri with snow that looked more like dust blowing around. It’s supposed to be 70 again by the weekend. Pretty unremarkable except for tornado threats one night.

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  8. Oof, that snow lokos pretty impressive! I was suppposed to fly back to Philadelphia yesterday, but managed to get my flight moved to avoid all the hassle of delays, etc. So I was enjoying sun and the 80s in LA while it snowed! I have one more day in the sun, then fly back to Philadelphia and whatever is left of the snow (not much, I imagine!) tomorrow!

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  9. ellen says:

    The storm photos are great. That’s a lot of cold. It was 70 yesterday and today I didn’t wear a jacket to work thinking it would warm up again after the fog wore off, alas it has not gotten past the low 60s. I’m not really complaining, but the taste of spring was fantastic.

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  10. As you know, still sunny and warm here, SA is beautiful and green still, no sign of Fall just yet.
    Thanks for the snow pics, you know I love them. Take care and keep warm. 🙂

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  11. Kim says:

    It’s been nice here in the UK but I understand we are going to get the tail end of your storm soon.


  12. whip1up says:

    We got at least two feet in my bbq part of the Pocono mountains. The kids have been out of school for the last 3 days, and have a delayed opening tomorrow.

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