Saturday Secret 

I didn’t get very far on the second sock. I’m not motivated to knit it. I think I’ve decided that I’m not crazy about color work. I’ll pick it up and knit it because it has to be done for Loopy Academy but I’m not planning to knit a huge fair isle project (other than stocking number 2 for my Goddaughter. Her son needs one that’s similar to her daughters-I’m kind of dreading that already.) As best as I can pinpoint I don’t like the fiddliness. It’s clumsy and slow. I keep stopping to untwist the yarn or pull on the stitches. So I’m going to keep telling myself that once I get the chart done I’ll have the pleasure of knitting the heel and foot. That’s the best part of a sock. And when I’m done with these I’m casting on Stepaside with my new yarn and getting back to the vest, my final Loopy Academy required project for this semester. 


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10 Responses to Saturday Secret 

  1. kathyreeves says:

    While I love stranded knitting, you do need a break! I generally put something fast or straightforward in the mix, just for sanity sake!

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  2. What a shame you’re not enjoying it. I love the results, but usually find it very boring – let’s face it, it’s really just fiddly stocking stitch. Do you knit in the car? I tend to reserve my more boring bits of knitting for then.

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  3. I guess that’s why so many knitters like the self patterning sock yarn. Do you untangle by letting it hang upside down? I find this goes lots faster. I like how it spins itself.

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  4. chrisknits says:

    I am wondering why your yarn is twisting? Are you wrapping your floats that much? If you are holding the motif yarn at the bottom and the background at the top, they shouldn’t be twisting. On any gaps of more than 5 sts you need to wrap, but at fingering weight there doesn’t need to be a wrap for every stitch. They are lovely though!

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  5. Stefanie says:

    My Madtosh for my jumper twists when it’s loose working yarn. It can be a pain. My two color kntiting is slow also.

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  6. tonymarkp says:

    Totally with you. Ever since I finished my sweater I have not started any color knitting. It also tires me. But it must tire everyone, which is why most fair isle patterns include lots of plain knitting with a big strip of something colorful (on the yoke, in the middle of the hat, at the top of the sock, etc.) Not even mosaic knitting is being entertained here! Mosaic knitting I LOVE and it’s almost spring, when I break out the cotton yarn and get all garter stitch mosaic-like. On the other hand, seeing your socks makes me think I’ll start a fair isle sock of my own. I think my sister needs some tulip-themed socks. Who doesn’t need tulips on their socks? All your untwisting of the strands is paying off! You do beautiful color work.

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  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    You will be so happy with them when they are finished, though!

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  8. I can relate! Wrapping floats is necessary on a sock where toes can snag on too-long floats. I stopped wrapping the floats on the body of my son’s sweater, figuring he’s old enough not to get his fingers stuck as he pulls it over his head!
    Do you hold your yarn in both hands — one color in each? That may help with the twisting.
    They’ll be lovely socks and much loved, I’m sure.

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    • I don’t hold one yarn in each hand. I should but the tension with my left is so different from my right. I’m nearly done with the color work on the second sock. I know I’ll be thrilled with the socks when they’re done.


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