Sometimes It’s All About The Extras

I’m hoping to have the toe of the first Fair Isle Flower sock completed by the time you read this. With a little luck and some spare time I’ll have started the next sock too. When I was looking at the projects on Ravelry I saw that some people had added the little extra bit of color work before the toe. Even though it wasn’t necessary I thought it was a detail I wanted my socks to have too. 

Do you look at the projects on Ravelry when you’re researching a project? I always do. There are so many smart knitters who come up with great ideas to tweak a pattern. 


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11 Responses to Sometimes It’s All About The Extras

  1. shellssells says:

    Always. So many knitters are so clever! It’s so useful to read about the experience that others have had, sometimes in reworking a section of pattern, or a trouble spot to look out for. Or maybe a color combo gone wrong. Added modifications are truly interesting to me because I don’t think I generally think in those terms when working on a pattern. That sock is gorgeous, and certainly NOT a color combo gone wrong. It’s perfect!

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  2. salpal1 says:

    they look great! I always check out the project notes and photos – I want to see if anyone shaped like me made this thing, and how it looks. Or read about what trouble they ran into so I can avoid it.

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  3. SusanK says:

    They look amazing! I always look at the Ravelry project notes for the more complicated patterns. Other knitters catch a lot of stuff I don’t, so learning from their experience is really valuable. I need to make a resolution to keep notes of modifications as I work on my projects. Should offer other knitters the same help I get from them!

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  4. chrisknits says:

    Love the socks. I tend to not look for options on my knitting, usually because I have my own ideas about changes. But I mostly get ideas from blogs, and then go to Rav to find the pattern. Then I will look at a few of the finished versions. We are somewhere in the middle on eating. Not all junk, but not all healthy. I don’t deny myself junk, just won’t allow myself to just eat junk all the time. I do like to munch on carrots, fruit, and will pass on ice cream now and then. It’s all about balance I guess.

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  5. The colour work is so gorgeous. Bravo on the tension! Funny you mentioned, I *just* started checking out the ‘Projects’ tab recently, and it’s a real good resource. It helps me to feel more decided in choosing a pattern if I like the projects I see.

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  6. Stefanie says:

    I ceratinly do. I like to see what yarns were used and how color was used. I peek at the helpful notes also.

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  7. kathyreeves says:

    Great extra dash there! I’m pretty new to Ravelry, but starting to find my way around to see all the finishes of whatever I’m interested in. Lots of amazing stuff there!

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  8. Ravelry dis indispensable!

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  9. Feedback on Ravelry has been a big help to me! I agree that the extra bit at the toe is a wonderful touch!

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  10. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I really like that extra little detail. And, yes, I love to get ideas and modifications from other Ravelers. Ideas that I usually wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

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