Naknicromo Day 5: Crafting Heros

I have a few knitting heros. The first would be Elizabeth Zimmermann. I’ve read her books, watched some of her videos and knit a few of her patterns. Her knitting attitude and the confidence she instills as she teaches is something I have carried through my knitting life. If you haven’t read her books or seen her videos you must. Your knitting life is not complete without having been exposed to the genius who is Elizabeth Zimmermann. Equally as important is her daughter Meg Swansen. She continues her mother’s legacy and is a genius in her own right. A dream of mine is to attend Meg’s summer camp that was started by her mother. One day, it’s on my bucket list. 

My mother and grandmothers are heros also. If I hadn’t seen regular handwork being done I don’t know that I would have sought it out. My life would be missing a very important piece if I didn’t knit. I am also willing to try something like sewing, crochet, beading or any craft because of what I saw at home as a child. 

Finally my other heros are all the bloggers who share their crafting with all of us. I love that they are excited about their craft, share the ups and downs and finally show a beautiful finished item that they are so proud to have made. 

Do you have a crafting hero? 

About nothingbutknit2

I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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    You! 🙂

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