Weakness Averted

Another attempt on the needles. 

After the last rip I spent a couple of hours on Ravelry looking at alternate patterns. I must have looked at every possible fingering weight beaded pattern. I even favorited a couple that were possibilities. But then I’d see Storm Warning again and just know that it’s the pattern I want to knit. I knew I had to do something to change things up to make this work. I dug through the needle stash to see if I could put my hand on a size 6 circular needle and it was the first one I found! That has to be a good sign right. 

So I’ve made it further than any other attempt. We won’t mention how long this took. I keep double checking everything- right number of stitches, needle secure before adding a bead, writing down every row after it’s knit. There are 8 rows in a repeat, hopefully after a few times through I’ll relax a little. Or maybe not. 


~ by nothingbutknit2 on February 17, 2017.

10 Responses to “Weakness Averted”

  1. It is really pretty. Love the colour yarn and beads. And if anything, we are having a storm warning here in SA, so it is indeed a sign you are on the right track with the pattern. 🙂
    Go for it.

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  2. It sounds like it will be worth all the effort. My first lace garment behaved that way, but once I got the hang of it, it moved right along. Now I love lace. Don’t forget to use lifelines as you go, just in case.

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  3. Keep going it looks really good. I imagine it will be really pretty when your done. I’m heading over to Ravelry to take a look at the pattern xx

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  4. Cheering you on from the sunny midwest! Maybe you just need to get away from the snow and leave the gray skies behind?

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  5. Fingers crossed for ya!

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  6. Props to you for sticking it out! Good for you!

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  7. Great job! Salpal’s lifeline advice is a good one if this is a new thing for you. In no time you’ll be zipping through. If you get sick of writing rows you can get a stitch counter to hang off your needle or around your neck (google clicky) or you can get an app on your smartphone.

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  8. You look to be getting into a rhythm now. By Monday I bet you have the thing conquered!

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  9. Rip and Ravelry, I’ve been there so many times! Lol.

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