Quickest Weekend Ever

Did your weekend speed by? Mine sure did. It also consisted of too many have tos like laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying and the dreaded gathering of the tax stuff. I only got some tax stuff gathered. It’s easier to do when I don’t have to beg to use the computer, slice onions for N’s lunch and remove forbidden items from Myles clutches all at the same time. I’ll try again in the morning. 

As you can see I did get some knitting time on the second Groovy Sock. I am beyond the waste yarn for the afterthought heel. 

Myles is able to sit near yarn for a few moments if he is suitably distracted. I know you’re as shocked as I am. Progress is being made ever so slowly. Don’t worry I spent plenty of minutes retrieving dirty socks all weekend. He watches for us to take them off and then waits patiently for that moment of inattention, grabs the sock and runs to the furthest point he can get to. Never a dull moment with him around. 

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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7 Responses to Quickest Weekend Ever

  1. kathyreeves says:

    I don’t want to think about it, but it is indeed time for taxes! Only a little progress on all fronts this weekend, but every seam and stitch is a step forward.

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  2. Love your groovy sock. I’ve never tried an after thought heel but am intrigued. Did you switch to that technique or have you knit all your socks with AT heels?

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    • I have a love/hate relationship with afterthought heels. My favorite heel is a traditional heel flap but it messes up the nice neat stripes in self-striping yarn. Sometimes, mainly with plain stockinette socks, I don’t worry about the stripes and just knit to knit and do a heel flap but the Groovy Sock pattern is written with an afterthought heel and it looks good with the pattern.

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  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    It was a quick weekend. Made a little progress on the mess in the office. I can’t believe how close Myles is to your sock – and showing no interest! Maybe he is learning not to touch the socks with needles in them?

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  4. Stefanie says:

    It sure did fly by and I was mostly sittin’ on my arse here at the lap top but I got some good knittin’ in.

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  5. chrisknits says:

    Thankfully my guys don’t bother yarn anymore. But anti nausea sticks (a wonderful item found at the hospital), chapstick containers, eye glasses, or other plastics, the puppy goes crazy for. They both adore socks!

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