Odd Thing

I think these socks shrunk when I washed them. Notice how “huggy” they are particularly at the toes. I can still wear them but it’s strange. I looked on Ravelry to see what yarn they’re knit in-Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints-a superwash yarn. Not something I’d expect to shrink. 

I always wash my socks in the washing machine in cold water. It is always a load of just hand knit socks. I used the lower spin level since the highest one, which is great for towels, flings everything wildly at the sides of the drum. None of the other socks have shrunk. 

I guess I’ll set these aside with the few handwash only ones. They tend to fuzz but haven’t shrunk. Again weird. 

Have any of your knits shrunk even though they’re superwash? 

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5 Responses to Odd Thing

  1. iceddee says:

    How strange!! I wouldn’t expect a yarn branded superwash to shrink either……… but good info to know thanks for letting us know x

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  2. Renee Anne says:

    I had a pair of what was supposedly superwash socks actually felt and shrink. To be fair, I never hand washed those socks. They always went in the washer and dryer….so, really, it’s my own fault. They went to Little Man for awhile, but he’s now grown out of them. Stormageddon will get them next and once he’s grown out of them, I’m cutting them up for coasters 🙂 I think. Or a toy. But probably coasters because we can use them.

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  3. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    I have a pair of socks from Malabrigo superwash sock yarn, and they felted. My daughter threw them in the dryer once -yikes – and since then I have to put them on sock shapers after I wash them and only put them on when I have the time to inch them up. I was really surprised about these, too. Try hard not to make socks that have to be hand washed because they always land in the wash machine (but not usually in the dryer).

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  4. For all my knit socks, intimates, etc I always put them in a laundry bag. You can find them in most laundry isles of the grocery stores. Netted zipper bags so everything stays together. I can grab the bag before putting the rest in the dryer, because its in a bag it also washes more delicately. Its rare that something slips by me and ends up in the dryer that shouldn’t.

    BTW, love the pattern. Is it still available somewhere?

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