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Bad Habits

Or why I think I’m a bad person. Everyone has bad habits. Things they do that they know they shouldn’t but it’s a habit and they do it anyway. I’m right there, not at the front of the line but … Continue reading

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Quickest Weekend Ever

Did your weekend speed by? Mine sure did. It also consisted of too many have tos like laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying and the dreaded gathering of the tax stuff. I only got some tax stuff gathered. It’s easier to … Continue reading

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Odd Thing

I think these socks shrunk when I washed them. Notice how “huggy” they are particularly at the toes. I can still wear them but it’s strange. I looked on Ravelry to see what yarn they’re knit in-Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints-a … Continue reading

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I have just one WIP. That is crazy. Normally I have 2 or maybe 3. I have an itch to cast on something else of course. I’ll be fighting that urge because the spring semester of Loopy Academy will be … Continue reading

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FO Friday: Blanket Edition

I have finished the baby blanket for the yet to be born wee boy. The pattern is the Pine Forest Blanket by Ingrid Aartun Boe. The yarn is Feza Yarns Zara solids in color 108.  I cast this on on a … Continue reading

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It Only Hurts When I Knit

Good grief! It seems I’ve bruised my finger. There is a callous and a split in the skin and a bruise. Is this evidence that I’ve been knitting too much? No such thing in my book! I think I’ll try … Continue reading

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Proof of my Insanity

The other day I went to the winter market that is held at a local garden center. I didn’t buy much at the market, just an herb mix to make dip. It was so nice walking through the greenhouses looking … Continue reading

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