Tasty Dinner

We are planning to do another Whole30 starting some time in January. Because of that I am trying out a few Whole30 compliant meals to increase our menu options. This one is Sweet Potato Broccoli Chicken Bake. We all liked it quite a bit. As I always do, I changed a few things. I skipped the raisins and nuts. I also skipped the cheese to keep it compliant. One other thing I did was to increase the garlic to 3 cloves. The whole meal was easy to prepare and not as daunting as some other Whole30 recipes I’ve tried. I’m sure we’ll have this regularly. Have you done Whole30? What is your favorite compliant recipe?


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4 Responses to Tasty Dinner

  1. salpal1 says:

    Mmmmm this looks good! I got a Whole 30 cookbook for Christmas, but am still in the reading stage. 😉 But from the original book, one of my faves is shepherd’s pie, using white potatoes not sweet. I also add mushrooms to the meat layer. I am thinking of adding some other veggies, too, to mix it up a bit. I also like a potato leek soup my mom taught me to make. I add some chicken sausage and spinach to make a whole meal. One thing i will say is that there is a whole lot of chopping of vegetables on this meal plan!

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  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    That looks really good! Good luck on your next Whole 30!

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