FO: Milo

I spent some time today, instead of blogging earlier, finishing Milo. I followed the pattern as written with the exception of the yarn. I used a worsted weight but stayed with the recommended size 6 needles. I wanted something dense but soft. Something a child would want to wear. The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in cherry red. I love this yarn for children’s wear. It makes me sad that it’s been discontinued. 

I will knit another one of these soon. I am going to make a few changes this time. I plan to knit the neck and hem in a size smaller needle. It’s more necessary for the hem which flares a bit. If I’m using worsted weight yarn I think I’ll change the cable to a 3X3 instead of a 4X4. The 4X4 is pretty stiff compared to the rest of the fabric. 

The Milo pattern is very well written. It’s easy to follow and includes multiple cable designs and a nice tutorial for a stitch I’ve never seen in another pattern (KFPSOKB). I highly recommend the pattern. 


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5 Responses to FO: Milo

  1. That is adorable. Well done. It is perfect in the red, ideal for the festive season, over another little top, just to keep a bit warmer. Love it. 🙂

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  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Very cute! Now I’m curious – what the heck is a KFPSOKB???

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