Fall TV Viewing

If you’re a knitter, and chances are if you’re around here regularly you are, you probably spend a lot of time sitting down knitting. What do you do when you knit? Do you listen to podcasts, audiobooks or watch movies? Are you like me, do you watch TV? I will admit to watching way too much TV but when I watch I’m knitting so it isn’t all bad right? How do you watch? Do you have things you like to see every week right when they’re broadcast so no one spoils it for you or do you DVR everything and watch things later? I am a DVRer. In my house we DVR everything and watch it later. I don’t watch that many shows that can be spoiled and if they are I don’t really care because, well, I’m really just watching for the knitting time. Have you been watching any of the new fall programming? Here are a few new things that I really enjoy.

  • Frequency: The Husband really liked the movie when it came out in 2000 so of course he wanted to try the TV show. We had low expectations. For the most part remakes just don’t capture the same feeling as the original but we were wrong about this one. It’s really good. I like how they take things the next step. You’d have to see it to understand what I mean.
  • Conviction: I don’t remember looking forward to this show the way I would have had I caught ads for it ahead of time. I don’t know if there weren’t many ads or if I just spaced. I like any show that deals with legal matters. This one is good. It’s different than most. It also has a bit more to it than just the law stuff.
  • Timeless: This was highly anticipated by The Husband, H and I. If you’re going to talk about time travel you’re going to get our attention. Mix in some history and we’re hooked. I’m glad to say we haven’t been at all disappointed. Time travel can be done badly and so far they’ve gotten it right. They’ve done a good job mixing in the history too.
  • Bull: We are big NCIS fans so we had to see what would make Michael Weatherly move on to something else. It’s another legal drama but with a different twist. Bull is a jury consultant. I like the different, sort of behinds the scenes look at a trial. It’s nicely done though I can see myself tiring of the same bits they do week after week (comparing the juries). Hopefully they’ll scale it back in the future. The cases are interesting and watching what goes on like dressing the client and picking the right jury is enlightening. I hope it sticks around.
  • This is Us: This show wasn’t even on my radar. I saw ads for it and thought it wouldn’t be something I’d like. I thought it was going to be another medical drama. It’s what the ad seemed to say. But I DVRed it and then we watched. OMG it was so good. The pilot was fabulous. If you haven’t seen it watch it. Watch the whole way through. It’s such a good story and so well told. Watch it now.
  • Lethal Weapon: Another one The Husband wanted to see. He loved the original movies. I DVRed the show for him figuring I could knit something more complex and wouldn’t care if I missed the show. I thought it would be a remake that fell short. I was wrong. It is so good. The balance, the stories, Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford. It is better than the original. Don’t tell The Husband or Mel Gibson I said that.

So what are you watching? I’m watching those along with my staples: Scandal, How to get away with Murder, The Blacklist, Blindspot, and more than I care to admit.


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7 Responses to Fall TV Viewing

  1. salpal1 says:

    Lol we do the same thing with many of the same shows. All the NCIS spinoffs, Conviction, Bull( I agree, it might get old) Blindside, Quantico, Law and Order SVU, and also Gray’s Anatomy, Code Black, and my very favorites, Madame Secretary and Blue Bloods. We also picked up Designated Survivor this fall and are enjoying it.

    We record them and watch them the next day or so, catch up at the weekends. I knit through them all and still am in bed by 8 most nights. Love dropping the commercials!

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  2. elpalchica says:

    Poldark. Swoon…

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  3. Stefanie says:

    I used to watch a lot of TV, but now I watch knitting podcasts and card tutorials on Youtube while I knit.

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  4. The Walking Dead . . . because I would rather *listen* to the zombies eating people than watch it happen!

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  5. Bonnie says:

    Lethal Weapon is one of 2 new shows I’m watching this year. I agree with you about low expectations that have been remarkably exceeded. I’m really enjoying it. My other new show is Pitch. I’m really enjoying the storyline so far. It’s not often I pick two new shows that I like.

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  6. I knit to the television. Like you, I have favorites that I watch each week (This Is Us is amazing!!), but I have discovered that football is a great block of knitting time too. It’s easy to power knit without missing anything because all the important plays are replayed for you. I have been binge watching Netflix too.

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  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I am recording most of all the shows you mentioned (actually watching them is another story…). I missed out on This is Us, though and we don’t have on demand, so I’ll have to try to catch the reruns.

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