The Promise Of Things To Come

It was a busy weekend. N and I spent Saturday at the local parade for the 100th anniversary of the fire house and the girl scout troop. Even if it was a bit rainy we still had a fun time. Sunday The Husband, N and I went to the fabric store to pick up a few things that I need for the projects I have in process. The only way I was able to drag them along was the promise of a stop at one of our favorite places. This *might* be our final visit for this year since they close for the winter next weekend. Not to fear, quarts were acquired and are waiting in the freezer for emergencies.

In between all the excursions there has been knitting. I was able to finish the First Crush cowl without another cable issue. I haven’t looked back closely though. I’m sort of afraid to. Blocking should happen in the next day or so once I clear the stuff off the extra bed in N’s room. He can’t leave an empty flat surface empty as is evidenced by the back of the bathroom sink, the extra bed in his room and the floor. Anyway, I’ll block, weave ends in and attach buttons as soon as I can.

I have been distracted by other things though. This little item was so hard to photograph. At most angles it’s rather obscene. Being a fleshy shade of tan doesn’t help. More about it once I get it beyond the X-rated stage.

One additional bit of future excitement. The Husband’s nephew and his wife are expecting their first child in the spring. This will be the first child of that generation. That calls for some special knitting. Well, every baby calls for some special knitting. I’m pretty sure I’m going to knit this blanket probably in white. I’ve got some yarn that I happened on when I was cleaning out the stash that should be just right. Now I’ve got to squeeze this in with all the other knitting.


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3 Responses to The Promise Of Things To Come

  1. Stefanie says:

    Looking forward to seeing more, especially what you’re going to do with that fiber fill. I just used some to stuff an amigurumi for my swap partner which has been sent off this morning. Glad the cowl finished smoothly. I can’t believe how many knitters have made that blanket pattern.

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  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I remember what the fiber fill is for and what the obscene thing is going to be – can’t wait to see it (I’ve been wanting to make one of these forever!).

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