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Tricks Or Treats

Happy Halloween! This is what the children will find when they ring my doorbell tonight. If only Halloween was for knitters. Whatever type of day you’re having, I hope it’s a great one and you get to do some knitting. … Continue reading

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Evil, Evil, Evil Thou Name Is Stocking

   Yes, I am knitting with all those strings, God help me! Must. Keep. Knitting. Do not think about weaving in the ends. 

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Reading/Blog PSA

Do you like to read? Do you enjoy blogs? H has started a blog where she writes short stories. She would appreciate it if you popped over and took a look. Some of the stories are funny, some a little … Continue reading

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Lust Or Why I’m Going To Hell This Week

Lust: a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually followed by for): a lust for power cardigan. This has been a really hard week. I’ve had a lot of things to do. I had to order a new phone and pick … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Find

Even though my house is bursting at the seams with all things and we have plenty of books, even knitting books, I couldn’t pass up this gem at the thrift store for a mere $2.00. H will use it if … Continue reading

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Evil Stocking Update

This is proof of progress and planning. I have spent some time on the evil stocking. Clearly not enough time to have really made a dent in what’s left but time just the same. I am going to duplicate stitch … Continue reading

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  Really? Can’t you just outgrow this yarn hate thing?

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