Back To School

Now that N is all settled back in school it is time for me to get going on my junior year of Loopy Academy. The projects were assigned at the end of the last week and I had been waiting not so patiently for them to be announced. But after I read the post with the projects I was a little disappointed. They were more specific and less fun than I had hoped. I wasn’t looking forward to knitting these kinds of things. After giving myself a mental slap I remembered the entire point of Loopy Academy is to stretch yourself and learn things. Try patterns you would ordinarily pass on. So with my renewed mental attitude I went pattern searching and yarn shopping. The yarn shopping was the best part of course. Here is what I have planned for my fall knitting.

The first requirement is to knit gloves, real gloves with fingers. Gloves? I have never really considered gloves (or socks with toes for that matter). They seem fiddly. I decided to go with Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller. I love the cable at the wrist. For these I am using The Uncommon Thread Posh fingering in ashes to ashes. I loved this yarn when I used it for my Duane Park Triangle and I knew I’d use it again. Just not this soon!

The second requirement is to knit a toy. This had to be clarified. I had a little trouble with this one. What toy would I be interested in knitting? After looking at a lot of patterns I decided on Hedgehogs by Purl Soho. For this I decided to use Cascade 220 in walnut heather and beige.

The third requirement is a project with bobbles, popcorn or nupps. Oh my. I do not like these. I am anti bobble. But I am pro Loopy Academy so I had to find a project that would work. I must learn things and I will only learn if I do. So bobbles must be done. I decided on First Crush by Kalurah Hudson. I’ve wanted a cowl with buttons for ages. I love the way they can be worn in different ways. I like them more than scarves. I love the cables in this pattern. The bobbles are there but aren’t a distraction so I think I can get through them. The yarn I chose is Shalimar Breathless DK in gunmetal. The color in the link is more accurate than my photo.

Now that I have talked about my projects I can feel that I am getting more excited about the fall semester of Loopy Academy. I wonder which project I should cast on first?


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5 Responses to Back To School

  1. chrisknits says:

    You are much better than I, I can’t stand knitting to someone else’s desire. I would flunk or drop out for sure. LOL!

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  2. elpalchica says:

    I have wanted to knit gloves since seeing a pattern on a blog I read, Foxhall Gloves. But it’s very daunting!
    The hedgehogs will fit right in. They are gorgeous.

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  3. lissymail says:

    I had not heard of the Loopy Academy! Fun to check out their site, thanks!

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  5. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Gloves have been on my list FOREVER. Maybe I will knit along with you. I think I have this pattern too. I’m sure I have some yarn around here somewhere….
    And hedgehogs! I’ve been collecting hedgehogs (not real ones) ever since we saw a real one on a street in Denmark! It even rolled up into a little ball! So I’ve always wanted to knit a hedgehog. Maybe I’ll join you on this one too….
    All beautiful projects – how will you ever decide which one to start first?

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