Socks Again and Again

I’ve got another pair of socks to show you. These were the February Loopy’s Monthly Mixer. The requirement for this month was to knit the most recent pattern you had favorited or queued. I had been looking at sock patterns a day or two before trying to find a new pattern for striped socks. I am mildly obsessed with yarn that knits in stripes. I say mildly but you know what I mean: I was all the striped socks. But I want them to retain their stripes in a pleasing way. This isn’t always possible. I discovered Lara Neel’s Fork in the Road Socks pattern and had to give them a try. As you can see they do retain the stripe down the heel and down the foot which is very nice. Unfortunately I knit the leg a bit shorter than I usually like. I’ll still wear them but in the future should I knit this pattern again (and I just might) I will knit a longer leg. The yarn is Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce in emergence.

I liked the way the heel was knit and think it fits my heel pretty well. If you’re a sock knitter who likes stripes to stay striped I recommend you give this pattern a try.



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  1. Very nice socks, I like them!! 🙂

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