The Whole Way Kicking And Screaming

As I have said before and I know I will say again: I love to knit socks! Taking yarn and bending it into something I can wear on my foot is endlessly fun for me. There are so many lovely sock yarns too. I really couldn’t come up to a downside for knitting socks until this assignment for Loopy Academy. The socks had to be knit in the way you don’t usually knit socks. Good Grief! That meant I had to knit them toe up. That seems so unnatural to me. It seems backwards. It seems wrong. I can knit top down socks in my sleep, practically. I knew if I was going to knit toe up socks I had to find a pattern and yarn that would make the project as painless as possible. The next thing I had to do was find a different way to start the toe. I’ve tried a bunch and really find them fiddly and they don’t fit my feet the way my top down socks do. The main pattern I used is Mindless Socks by Mary Fellman and to start the toe I used the Tab Cast On for Toe Up Socks by Mary Spanos. This cast on was only slightly fiddly and fits my toes pretty well. The yarn is Into The Whirled Pakokku sock in the Sentinel color. The yarn is fabulous! The colors vibrant and the feel soft but sturdy. I loved knitting with it and will buy it again in the future. It made knitting toe up socks doable. Nothing will make me like that short row heel though. Nothing I tell you!

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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  1. Great socks!
    Wordpress seems to be deleting people from my ‘following’ list randomly – I’m sorry I didn’t notice you were gone sooner but you are back on now 🙂

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