Same Steps, Different Shawl

I’ve used lots of different yarns in my knitting life. I’ve said lots were my favorite. My July favorite was The Uncommon Thread Posh fingering I used for my Camp Loopy project. The pattern is Duane Park Triangle by Kirsten Kapur. The colors of the yarn are Nimbostratus and Orion. I must resist buying more yarn until I have a project for it. Covering my bed with The Uncommon Thread Posh fingering yarn and rolling in it is not a project. The pattern was fun to knit and easy to follow. I was impressed by how compact and not overly wordy the pattern was. I even enjoyed the sideways knit on lace edge that you can barely see. The yarn was heavenly to knit with. It’s soft and the colors beautiful. I almost hated to see the knitting end.


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5 Responses to Same Steps, Different Shawl

  1. Beautiful, and it looks so pretty and warm. Of course, it is BLUE, which is my favourite colour, so it makes it twice as pretty. πŸ™‚

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  2. salpal1 says:

    Covering your bed with great yarn is not a project? Who knew? πŸ˜‰
    Another lovely shawl!

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  3. knitdraper says:

    My next thing…rolling in yarn

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  4. ellen says:

    That’s beautiful. The colorways really work the texture in the pattern. lovely.

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  5. YarnyDragonfly says:

    That is a stunning shawl – beautiful.

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