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Yesterday The Husband, N and I made a trek to the western part of the state to visit The New England Fiber Festival. It’s been quite a while since we attended a wooly event and this one did not disappoint. There was more than enough yarn to keep me oohing and aahing, we visited with sheep, alpaca, llamas and many many bunnies. N wants a bunny. The thought is tempting but I know my limits. A bunny is beyond them for now.

I managed to come home with just a few select things. From left to right: Six Paca Farm Buds of Spring DK, Good Karma Farm Sox yarn and Holiday Yarns Flocksock fingering in BlackJack. There was something else that is a gift so I can’t share a photo. It felt so good to have a few hours stress-free. Sadly real life returned as we were making our way home. My FIL passed away. He had just moved to hospice a few days before. He is now at peace. We will miss him.


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7 Responses to Things I’m Thinking About

  1. So sorry for your loss


  2. Verónica says:

    Sorry about your father in law. Love the yarn.


  3. salpal1 says:

    so sorry to hear about your FIL. But glad you had a good day before that. And you found one of my favorite places to buy yarn – Good Karma. I feel lucky to live a mere 20 miles from them, so see them a lot at local markets and things. Once I even went to the farm, but that proved VERY expensive. 🙂


  4. Stefanie says:

    Karen, I’m sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family. I totally covet the middle skein!


  5. So sorry to hear. Thinking of you and the family. Take care.


  6. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Beautiful yarns. Can’t wait to see the Blackjack one knitted up.


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