Do You Like Chicken Pie?

I am a huge fan of chicken pie. We always had delicious ones when I was a kid. They came from a little shop that made them fresh. You paid so much for the pie and a deposit for the dish and when you returned the dish you got your deposit back. Or like we always did, just got another pie. There is still a dish around here from that place. Oh look, I made a homemade chicken pie in that dish. This is the recipe I used. I didn’t follow it exactly: I used butter instead of margarine and all shortening for the crust, I skipped the broccoli and mushrooms entirely. It was good but I feel like there was something missing, some small flavor absent. I’ll figure it out eventually but this recipe is a great jumping off point for making your own chicken pie. I particularly like the gravy. It’s good, tasty enough to drink from a glass kind of good. I’ll be making this one again!


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4 Responses to Do You Like Chicken Pie?

  1. Looks yummy 🙂 Our usual chicken pie recipe is filled with chicken, bacon, mushrooms, peas and a white sauce. Served with mashed potato and veggies on the first night and then oven chips the next day 🙂


  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Yes! I like chicken pie! Your crust looks amazing. We’ll have to try that recipe. Yummmmm……


  3. When you figure out what’s missing let us know.


  4. This is very similar to what I make but I like yours better, you have more goodies, i.e., mushrooms, celery, etc. And, I cheat on the crust, I use Pillsbury’s Pie Crust!


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