6KCBWDAY7: Your Time, Your Place

Day Seven (Sunday 17th May): Your Time, Your Place.
Where and how do you take time out to knit and/or crochet? Maybe you don’t take time out at all and instead have your needles twirling as you try to juggle a multitude of other tasks with no ‘spare’ time to think of. Maybe you enjoy nothing more than to crochet whilst winding down from a yoga session, chatting with some friends in a nearby cafe.

Whether social or solitary, tell readers about your crafting time and space, and where you either most enjoy (or can simply find a few snatched moments) to turn yarn into something even more beautiful.

I have knit a lot of places in the past few years. I’ve knit at home in my bed, my most favorite place to knit. I can often be founding knitting with my knitting group at either Whole Foods or the bakery. I’ve knit in hospitals, ERs, doctor’s offices, my parent’s house, the car and recently I knit at the hospice center where my father was a patient. I spent many hours sitting in his room knitting my Laurelhurst socks. I cast the cuff on the first day we were there. That is likely why I missed half of the cuff directions. My attention was not on my knitting. As the sock progressed, the days passed and my father slipped further from us. By the time I had reached the toe of the first sock he was gone.

It’s surprising how life can get tangled up with our projects. I haven’t been able to wear the socks. Between the arrival of warmer weather and the fact that I’m just not ready to wear them they have sat on my dresser where I can see them every day.

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7 Responses to 6KCBWDAY7: Your Time, Your Place

  1. Kepanie says:

    Those socks certainly took you on a journey. If they’re stored in your drawer, that’s okay. Just leave them be while you heal.


  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Those are very special socks. You will know when the time is right to wear them (or not).


  3. mj6969 says:

    I’m sorry to hear how these socks represent such a difficult and painful period in your life – one so intimate and personal – but I suspect they must offer some comfort too – for you leave them open to your view. And I am so sorry about your loss Karen. I really am.

    Perhaps with time, you’ll know when it feels right to wear them – and you’ll be okay with things – but there is nothing to do, but ride it all out – and grieve – in the ways you need to.

    Hugs to you and your family Karen.


  4. in time you will be able to wear the socks with good memories – it is interesting how so much of our lives can be immortalized in our knitting.


  5. Voie de Vie says:

    I’m with Kepanie – those socks represent something significant. Leave them be and you’ll know if/when the time is right to take them out of the drawer.


  6. The time and the place for those socks will come later. For now, just let them be. They have a special place in your life, maybe not right now. Take care and look after yourself, I know how it is. My father passed 4 years ago, slowly, but at peace at home. Will think of you.


  7. Oh, these socks are so special! Hopefully they are a lovely reminder for you and not a sad one…


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