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Back in November H had to bring an appetizer to work for a pot luck that they have the week before Thanksgiving. She decided on chips and guacamole. She then decided to use this recipe. It was delicious. She had recently read somewhere about using kitchen discards to grow plants. I told her we could grow the avocado pits using these instructions. I prepped them both and gave one to my mother. She really likes plants and growing experiments.

When we were at her house yesterday I decided to take a photo of her avocado since it is doing so well. Until this past week when she put it in the pot it has lived on her kitchen counter where it gets eastern exposure so there is plenty of warmth and natural light. It is now sitting in the dining room where it gets southern exposure and a fair amount of light.

How is mine you ask? Well, mine sat in my dining room for the past few months. It slowly grew an impressive bunch of roots but it never grew a stem so I brought it over to my mother’s house and she’s had it for maybe a couple of weeks so of course it’s now growing a stem. I really do have a black thumb, or maybe just a gray one.


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4 Responses to Filed Under “Black Thumb”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Oh my. Sorry about that! Also sorry for the little chuckle I did under my breath when I guessed that your mom got yours growing too. 🙂


  2. aw oh dear! My OH has grown a couple of avocado plants now but they grow for a bit and then randomly died :-S


  3. mj6969 says:

    Seriously, I could have sworn that at some point , you had pics posted of the inside, chez you, and there were living plants in the background. Maybe the avocado was simply too cold at your place? They do prefer a fair and constant source of warmth to break the seed open. You should try it again – in the summer – and see what happens.

    Btw …. it’s good to see you again and thanks for “re-finding” me in blogland 😉

    Take care Karen 🙂


  4. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Must be all the extra heat at your mom’s house. ☺


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