Back To Where I Should Be

I feel so disjointed. Hopefully this post will help get me back on track.

The second semester of Loopy Academy has started and I am happily participating. The requirements for this semester are

  • Something with stripes
  • Something felted/fulled
  • Something with slipped stitches

Picking out projects for these was fun and pretty easy. Once I had picked out the projects I knew what sort of yarn to choose.

The first yarn I chose was Western Sky Knits in Hot to Dot. I knew it would be perfect for the slipped stitch pattern I’d decided on, Dalekanium by Dena Stelly. Doesn’t that yarn look like it will be lovely knit up as those socks.

The second yarn I chose was for the felted project I talked about yesterday, the Cascade 220 in Primaverra and Prune. I told you yesterday about the Fuzzy Feet I’m knitting and how that wasn’t my first pattern choice. I shall not repeat myself.

The final yarn was 2 skeins of The Loopy Ewe solid series in dove and slate blue. The pattern I’ve decided on is Laurelhurst by Star Athena. I’ve had my eye on this pattern for quite a while and am really looking forward to casting on.

Now that I have this new yarn I better get back to knitting some of it.



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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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5 Responses to Back To Where I Should Be

  1. Marilyn says:

    Lovely yarns, all! I’ve never used Loopy Ewe yarn…I’d love it if you can let us know how you like it. 🙂
    Cute patterns, too, BTW.


  2. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I feel like I’ve just been on a yarn crawl! That’s good, now I don’t need to go on the real one this weekend! 🙂


  3. Kepanie says:

    Ooh, Hot to Dot is splendid! They’re eye magnets. I like the looks of that Laurelhurst pattern!


  4. Have fun! 🙂 Those are stunning yarns. I am sure your projects are going to be beautiful, and look forward to seeing your progress here.
    Have a great weekend and happy knitting. 🙂


  5. Lisa Urban says:

    Love love love the pink yarn. Good luck getting back on track !


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