5KCBWDAY4: Conversations Between Workers

Day Four (Thursday 15th May): Conversations Between Workers.
Start by writing a few short paragraphs from the point of view of one of the tools you use for your craft. this might be a spinning wheel, crochet hook, pair of scissors or your knitting bag. These first few lines should include a description of this tool’s task and usage. If you are feeling particularly in tune with this item you might assign it feelings.

Then, write a dialogue between yourself and this item. It might describe your relationships, the annoyances that you have felt for this item at some point (or could it have possible ever have felt annoyances with you) and the wonderful work that you have created together.

Karen: I’ve been dreading having this conversation and feel that Knit And Crochet Blog Week is the appropriate time to have it. I’d like to introduce you to my knitting bag. It hasn’t always been my knitting bag. Back in the 80’s I bought my bag at a shop at Faneuil Hall. It’s original occupation was to carry my books in college. Later I used it for carrying other things like beach or baby stuff. For a while it held my cross stitch stuff. Some time in the late 90’s or early 00’s it became my primary knitting bag. At first it just held projects and stayed at home but then it became my take-everywhere bag.

The Bag: Hey, I’m The Bag. I’ve enjoyed my long life. I’ve been to many exciting places like Knit Night, Disney World and more than a few sheep & wool festivals. I love my life.

Karen: I’ve been meaning to have a talk with you about your future.

The Bag: What? Where are we going?!?

Karen: Um, no, that’s not what I mean. Have you noticed that you’ve changed? Your handles are getting a bit stringy and you have a couple of holes.

The Bag: I have been there for you. We are a team. I know I’m aging. We’re both aging. Have you looked in the mirror?

Karen: This isn’t about me. You are leaving bits of handle everywhere. Don’t you remember when I had to add that smaller project bag to hold my needles? You dropped one of my most favorite Skacel needles out of that hole on your side. It’s a good thing it made a noise or I would have lost it forever.

The Bag: *sniff* oh, sorry about that…

Karen: I think it’s time. I have to get a new bag. I’ll still keep you but you’ll have stay at home.

The Bag: *sniff*

Karen:  How about if I let you help me find a new bag? Do you want to pick the color?

The Bag: *sniff*

Karen: Oh bother…

As you can tell I love my bag. If you know somewhere I can get a bag just like it, the color doesn’t matter, let me know. It is lighter than the LL Bean Boat n Totes and has handles that fit over the shoulder but aren’t too long. It stands on it’s own. To me it is the perfect bag.





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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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13 Responses to 5KCBWDAY4: Conversations Between Workers

  1. itwasjudith says:

    would it be possible to repair it?


  2. Pirate says:

    It’s always sad when a favourite bag (or tool) gets a little too worn to be useful. I definitely tend towards the sentimental side about them as well!


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    It will be hard to find a new bag that will live up to this one! I like the repair idea – put a pretty patch over the hole and knit some sturdy handle covers. Long live the bag!!


  4. Marilyn says:

    It looks like the perfect bag…maybe just a little facelift to extend it’s life…


  5. Michelle says:

    Everything can be repaired! Just think how much better you’d feel for fixing it rather than replacing it, go oooooon.


  6. Renee Anne says:

    Have you looked at Lands’ End for anything? I have a bag I bought from them a few years ago and it holds a massive amount of my (knitting) stuff….but I have the XL version. I imagine you wouldn’t need one quite that big.


  7. caityrosey says:

    My favorite knitting bag was retired after acquiring a very similar hole. It’s ok though. I still use it for storage. Can’t get rid of it completely.


  8. lottieknits says:

    Maybe you could gently retire it to a new life as an indoor knitting bag? It must be pretty tired after all of it’s adventures.


  9. ellen says:

    Haha! This cracked me up. You should title it, “It’s you, not me.” hahaha! I want to agree and say Lands End should have something similar to this. You’re doing great with this Knitting and Crochet Blog challenge 🙂


  10. avantaknits says:

    I suggest Lands End totes, as well. They come in lots of colors and sizes, and are super sturdy. Yours deserves a comfortable retirement.


  11. bekswhoknits says:

    Oh no!!!! Retiring any sort of well loved bag is always traumatic.


  12. Cyprienne says:

    Awww, well-loved bag — it’s a pleasure to meet you!


  13. Which college did you go to? My hubby went to Berklee. He loved it there, so we ended up going to Boston for our honeymoon…and now I love it too!


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