WIP Wednesday: The Voice In My Head

I have nearly finished the first sock and I love it. The pattern is really nice and the yarn is yummy. I will cast on the second sock at the first opportunity. The only negative at this point is the voice in my head. It’s casting doubts on the amount of yarn. Honestly my rational mind says there is plenty of yarn. Normally I have tons of yarn left over and this pattern isn’t sucking up that much yarn but the ball is looking a lot smaller than it did when I wound it so that voice is insisting it is right and I will run out of yarn with just the toe of the second sock to go. I told the voice if that happens I will pull out the first toe and knit them both with complimentary yarn. I really thought that would shut the voice up but she can be such an insistent bitch. I’ll have to distract her with chocolate.

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14 Responses to WIP Wednesday: The Voice In My Head

  1. streepie says:

    I would take the sock and the leftover yarn to the next kitchen scale to show the inner voice that there is enough yarn (or to make a contingency plan now, should there not be, to avoid ripping the toe out).

    No need to argue….


  2. Streepie has given good advice. Make sure you have chocolate anyway πŸ˜‰


  3. Stacey says:

    Can you put the toe on hold until you get to the next one?


  4. Michelle says:

    I felt the same way…Biscotti & Cie has a little less than the average yardage for sock yarn. Try not to worry! I made 2 socks for a woman with size 11 feet and had some leftover in the same yarn/color. So, if for some crazy reason you run out…I have some leftover you can have!


  5. Janet says:

    Love the socks and the yarn. Definitely have some chocolate. It doesn’t quiet my little voice, but it helps me ignore it. πŸ™‚


  6. Marilyn says:

    The little voice can be so distracting. Do try some chocolate to shush her up. And knit like the wind…maybe fast knitting will use less yarn! πŸ˜‰


  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Ha, ha! Definitely do the weighing thing (I love my digital scale and use it A LOT to weigh my yarn – watch for a sale or use a coupon at Harbor Freight). Yes, eat the chocolate anyhow, it can never hurt! πŸ™‚


  8. I’d do the weighing thing too, or knit faster which is what I always seem to do if I’m running out of yarn lol. Love the pattern and stripy yarn combination


  9. ellen says:

    The sock looks fantastic! I like your back up plan, so smart! I have yet to change colors at any point in a sock, another one day scenario. Don’t listen to that bitchy voice, ha! I’d send you some chocolate if I could … especially since I stress ate half a L A R G E bar of dark chocolate, cherry, almond working on document changes. Actually, if you send me your address, I will send you some of my new favorite chocolate if you like. Or if you prefer the milk chocolate, lemme know πŸ™‚


  10. avantaknits says:

    Chocolate cures everything, or so I believe. Great sock, great colorway!


  11. iknead2knit says:

    Crazy awesome!


  12. Kepanie says:

    Very cool sock.


  13. Patricia says:

    OMG – laughing at the insistent bitch voice.

    I had a similar experience late last year – knitting those damn socks for the bear that just fought me all the way. I can BET that you will NOT run out of yarn on the second sock —- in fact, I’m gonna strip naked, grab some of leftover sock yarn and go outside – daylight and all – and pray to Goddess Ewe for you —- so you may be blessed in completion!


  14. SugarLady says:

    This why I am learning how knit toe up socks, that way you can just make the cuffs a little shorter if you find yourself running out of yarn.


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