Nice Haul

At the end of last week The Husband and I made a quick trip to the thrift store. I always make my way through the store the same way: first stop the yarn. Normally there are a few partial skeins of acrylic or maybe some dish cloth cotton. I struck the jackpot this time! I got 4 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in blue bird, 4 skeins of Reynolds Lopi in 417, 1 Reynolds Lopi in 52 and 1 Reynolds Lopi in 59. I have no idea what I’ll knit with any of these but it was very fun to make such a great score at the thrift store.


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7 Responses to Nice Haul

  1. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Excellent haul from the thrift store! Maybe something felted with the Lopi?? Really nice colors too – lots of possibilities.


  2. Marilyn says:

    Nice haul indeed!! What fun… 🙂
    I’m knitting a table runner from Cotton Fleece right now and have more for a lace apron. It’s nice to knit with. Not as hard on hands and wrists as 100% cotton. A little splitty though.


  3. caityrosey says:

    I have never found yarn at a thrift store. Except in the form of sweaters to unravel. I must not be looking at the right time or something.


  4. Lisa says:

    I love hunting around at thrift stores. Whoever donated that either didn’t know it was good yarn or was being very generous.


  5. Kepanie says:

    How interesting to find yarn in a thrift store. The Lopi looks like full of possibilities.


  6. avantaknits says:

    Yippee! I haven’t ever shopped a thrift store for yarn. Truthfully, it never occurred to me to look; I’m usually on the hunt for vintage buttons.


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