FO Friday: Catching Up

I knew I’d been away from the blog but I didn’t realize for how long until just now. Wow! Things have been crazy to day the least. Here is a quick recap of what has kept me away. My father was in the hospital for nearly a week and then transferred to rehab. He did really pretty well there and is now at home. He’s had some setbacks (like having to use a walker) that are likely permanent but overall he seems better. The rehab he went to is located at the nursing home where my uncle (my father’s brother) lives. They were able to spend some time together but unfortunately my uncle had a stoke the first week my father was there. He spent some time in the hospital and then only a few days after returning to the nursing home he had a blood clot in his lung and went back to the hospital. My father came home the day before my uncle returned to the nursing home. The past 24 hours have been the most peaceful in a while.

I did manage to squeeze in some knitting and finished the socks I had been working on. The yarn is Studio June Sock Luck in snowy sky. The pattern is my usually one over 64 stitches. I’m pleased with the way these came out. They were great mindless knitting for when I had a few minutes sitting waiting for the next thing to happen.

I have cast on something new but I think I’ll tell you able that tomorrow.

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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8 Responses to FO Friday: Catching Up

  1. Janet says:

    I hope your dad and uncle continue to improve and that you can take a bit of time to rest up. Love your socks.


  2. Marilyn says:

    I have been thinking about you and figured that things have been very hectic in your life. Sending prayers for your dad and your uncle.
    The socks look great!


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Glad to hear that things have settled down a little. Hope your dad continues to improve and that your uncle is doing okay. Good thing you had your knitting to help get you through this bumpy patch. Your latest socks are awesome!


  4. Renee Anne says:

    I’ve been wondering what was going on 😦 I hope both your dad and uncle continue to recover!


  5. chrisknits says:

    Good to hear from you. I didn’t want to bother you with another “where are you” email. Take care of yourself! You’re the only you everyone else has.


  6. Lisa says:

    Oh no! I am sorry to hear about all that. I can see how blogging would be on the back of your mind. I hope things are getting back to normal and all is well. And lovely socks πŸ™‚


  7. Kepanie says:

    Man, sorry the men in your ohana are having a rough time health wise. I hope your stress level isn’t too high. Glad you had the socks to work on. Thanks for getting back to me.


  8. Pat(ricia) says:

    Glad to see you back – I was thinking of pinging you via an email – but knew that if you weren’t around here, it was for good reason.

    I’m so sorry the past few weeks have been that crazy – but am glad that things are settling back down. Hopefully all will continue to be well and a leisurely pace and routine can start back up.

    Happy knitting Karen πŸ™‚


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