A Few Questions And A Nearly Completed Pair Of Socks

I am 99% sure these socks will be done today so I thought I’d throw them up here as a WIP one more time. They don’t quite match but I am pleased with them. The yarn is Biscotte & Cie Felix. The pattern is the one I keep in my brain over 68 sts. I do not know why a bit more than half of the photo has a green overcast. The yarn is blue and yellow. I suspect my camera is on it’s way out.

Now for the questions:

  • The menu around these parts is getting boring (as I’ve been told repeated). I’d like to switch things up a bit and I was thinking lamb. I have never cooked lamb though I did eat it when I was a child (baby lamb chops made by my grandmother whenever I stayed with her). For a first attempt I was thinking of making a stew. Do you have any advice? Maybe a recipe? Any warning?
  • How about some make ahead breakfast foods? No one is finishing their breakfast because they don’t like <insert food name here> anymore. I have maybe 5 minutes to throw breakfast on the table before I get ready and run out the door. Bonus points if the food can be eaten in the car and not make a mess. They have all said no to oatmeal, toast, yogurt, fruit, anything frozen and pop tarts. Though they insist they are not fussy. HA!

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9 Responses to A Few Questions And A Nearly Completed Pair Of Socks

  1. streepie says:

    Breakfast here is home-made crunchy muesli. Mix rolled oats (500 grams), 4 tbsp canola or sunflower oil, 4 tbsp honey (or half honey half maple syrup) and spread on a baking tray. Bake in the oven at 120 degrees Centigrade for 30 minutes. Leave to cool and mix with nuts, or dried fruits (or both). Eat with milk or yoghurt.

    Otherwise – prepare raisin buns or white muffins (english muffins) or scones or brioche or muffins the evening before (or even better, have them do it).

    In France, people in a hurry either grab a croissant / pain au chocolat from their local bakery.


  2. Michelle says:

    My mother made a delicious lamb stew. She used barley and then root veggies. The base was a beef base with tomato undertones (like beef stew but with a can (14 oz or so) of tomato sauce thrown in). The barley was a nice touch. Lamb can be “gamey” and not everyone likes it but I personally loved the stew.

    Breakfast…my son makes breakfast burritos. Quick and easy and totally portable. He warms the flour tortillas in a frying pan with a touch of butter (very very very small amount of butter). He sets aside the tortillas and makes one scrambled egg for each burrito. If we have breakfast sausage or bacon (or even real bacon bits) or leftover veggies he throws those in too. Once the eggs are done, he sprinkles a little shredded cheddar on and slides the eggs into the tortilla. He rolls and wraps (and whatnot) the tortillas and then wraps the whole thing in aluminum foil (for portability). They’re delicious and quick! He’s 15, rolls out of bed at 7:00 (school starts at 7:45) and still has time to make these!

    Also, love the socks!! I’m on a stripe sock kick myself.


  3. YarnyDragonfly says:

    The socks look great! Can’t help you with the lamb. I agree with the other suggestion for muffins made the night before, or whenever (you can have some frozen too). They work great in the car or on the run (or even at the breakfast table!).


  4. elpalchica says:

    I’ll photocopy my favourite lamb stew recipe and bring it tonight (or over to your house if you’re cooking it for dinner!) I also like to make lamb burgers, moussaka, lamb shanks, roast leg of lamb (easy – stick sprigs of rosemary and garlic in holes you’ve made in the roast with a knife, then roast, 15 or 20 minutes a pound), lamb tagine once… I LOVE LAMB.
    I made French toast for the boys for lunch the other day. That was pretty fast. Muffins could work, also very freezable, and thawable.


  5. chrisknits says:

    Husband does lamb chops, sorry no stew recipes. But he just uses olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon on the chops and they are delicious! As to breakfast, have you tried the Belvita breakfast things. Diva Girl loves them and they have several varieties and soft or crisp versions.


  6. Kepanie says:

    These are almost vintage like colors like in those Dick and Jane books.


  7. Marilyn says:

    Interesting photo…I agree on the camera…it’s got goblins!
    Never have cooked lamb. So no recipes.
    I’ve got an oatmeal and apple recipe that cooks overnight in a crock pot. But it is oatmeal, probably shouldn’t be eaten in the car and is potentially messy. 😦


  8. Vivianne says:

    Be careful which cut of lamb you buy, it can be very fatty :0 Breakfast: toasting waffles with loads of syrup (OK, not car-friendly LOL), toasted cinnamon & Raisin bagels with butter & jam, toasted English Muffins with jam …hmm, seems to be a theme here LOL


  9. Lisa says:

    Well, everything I’d suggest for breakfast is on the no list, so I guess I can’t help you there 😦 I like those socks a lot, I’m sorry your camera messed up the photos though!


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