What Are The Knits You Really Wear?

Which do you reach for time and time again? I have been piling on the hand knits these last few super cold days. Well, to be truly honest, I’m always cold so I’m almost always wearing something woolen to keep me warm. First and foremost are my socks. I start wearing wool socks in October and continue well into April or even May. For most of December-March I even wear them to bed. The above photo shows exactly what I have grabbed each and every trip out of the house this past week. My Sockhead hat is now an indispensable part of my winter wardrobe. I fold the ribbed part over to form a double layer of warmth for my ears. My Later, Gator is soft and doesn’t bunch around my neck when I zip my jacket all the way to the top. It provides that little extra bit of protection across my mouth and chin when the wind is howling. The fingerless mitts are ages old. They predate Ravelry though there is the second pair I knit listed there. I can’t drive with my mittens or gloves on. I like to be able to feel the steering wheel with my fingers so these mitts are perfect for that. They are just enough to keep the circulation moving in my hands. So how about you? What are you wearing?


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13 Responses to What Are The Knits You Really Wear?

  1. Always an infinity cowl, most times a hat or headband, sometimes gloves


  2. I thought I would be able to give a particular type of garment – but I can’t!


  3. Stacey says:

    I love my Sockhead! Even here in Texas, I wear it all the time. I’m going to have to do a post about this. šŸ˜€


  4. streepie says:

    gloves, scarves (or cowl or loop), hats. I have more than one (pair) of each. Socks – obviously. And cardigans. In draughty office – nothing better than a handknit cosy cardigan. And if need be, mitts when typing.


  5. The only thing I reach for over and over is the fingerless gloves my mom made me. I actually don’t have any wearables I’ve made, except for one pair of mismatched socks…except for a blanket or two, all my hand made stuff has always gone to others. Not that I don’t want some for myself, I just never seem to find the time.


  6. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Definitely fingerless mitts – I wear two pairs at a time! And a long cowl that can be doubled up.


  7. Janet says:

    Fingerless mitts, cowls and small shawls are helping me through the cold days.


  8. Kepanie says:

    I rotate through my handknit beanies & sometimes headbands for sure and sometimes wear the infiniity scarf my lil’ sis made me.


  9. Renee Anne says:

    It doesn’t get cold here so I don’t really need heavy woolen items. However, when it gets cold enough to wear anything, I have fingerless mitts, hats, and socks. This may also be partly due to not having made a cardigan yet…I expect that will become a staple, as well.


  10. Marilyn says:

    Sweaters made with Peace Fleece yarn. Nice and warm and kinda cozy too. Love them. And of course hand knit socks. They are a must!


  11. Vivianne says:

    I wear a shawl as a scarf all the time in winter. It keeps me warm but looks sad as it is scrumpled and unblocked-looking. I love that you have a pair of pre-Rav mitts šŸ™‚


  12. Lisa says:

    Maybe I just have a loose gauge, but my wool socks never really keep my feet warm šŸ˜¦ But I have a couple of go to sweaters and multiple hats and scarves!


  13. Pat(ricia) says:

    Mostly socks. Socks. Socks. Socks. and you guessed it …. more socks.

    Sometimes, not often, I’ll grab a hand-knitted scarf.

    Problem is, I haven’t ventured or branched out enough to say, “yeah, I’ll knit myself that sweater” and then wear it.

    And apart from the very odd scarf (no, not design wise) socks are the only things I knit that I actually want to wear – none of the other stuff, no matter how lovely or whatever, gets my fancy a flight. So I often just give it all away. Which makes me wonder: What the hell a I doing this for then??!


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