In an effort to bring some holiday spirit into the house we have been trying to get some decorations up and do some holiday activities other than shopping. We decorated the tree. Wow photos in the dark really show how unevenly the lights were hung. Oh well, we’ll do better next year.


When I was at Ikea last month, just as I was exiting the store I spotted these gingerbread house kits. At first I grabbed one for N since I knew he’s enjoy decorating it. Then I grabbed a second one thinking that if H was around she would want to do one too. Well as it turned out we had a snowstorm over the weekend and we needed an entertaining project to fill the afternoon. We didn’t end up with what you would call traditional gingerbread houses. The ones above are H’s. She created some sort of war scene with wyrms attacking the house.

N went a bit more traditional, well except for the worms he has attacking his house. He did mention that the worms ate all the gum drops off the roof. After watching the hours they spent perfecting their masterpieces I kind of wish I had gotten myself one. Maybe I could have made a yarn shop.


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9 Responses to Festive

  1. Thanks for making me smile on a Monday morning! I love the idea of a gingerbread yarn shop – though the childrens war zones look great too. Have a very happy Christmas 🙂


  2. Marilyn says:

    Love the worm war houses but I think a gingerbread yarn shop would be even better! 🙂


  3. roma1912 says:

    Patent the yarn shop gingerbread house idea, you’ll make a fortune 🙂


  4. YarnyDragonfly says:

    What a fun snowy day activity! YES! A gingerbread yarn shop would be perfect – maybe you can find another kit at the after Christmas sales. Love your tree – looks like you are really getting into the holiday spirit now. Don’t worry about the uneven lights – our star at the top of our tree leans way to the left despite numerous attempts to straighten it – now I’ve grown quite fond of the leaning look!


  5. Love the houses! We’ve got some cutters to make a gingerbread house this year, going to be our first attempt 😮


  6. Chris says:

    I am a horrible mother. I never had traditions for Christmas with our girls. I hate decorating, I do bake, but never make them help. I do have them help wrap presents, but that’s cause I suck at it! LOL. I must be a Grinch.


  7. Kepanie says:

    How fun! Glad you and your ohana are warm and safe.


  8. Lisa says:

    That looks so fun! I hope you have a great holiday!


  9. Pat(ricia) says:

    Lol — what a brilliant way to spend an afternoon! So … um …. yeah, a bit untraditional – but – lol – I can’t stop laughing at their creativity! What imagination 🙂

    Lol – yeah, I can so see you baking up and putting together a LYS – with licorice strips thinly sliced as edible yarn. Smirking madly.

    Well, there is always the hope of finding it still in the stores, if you have a chance to venture back to Ikea – if not – plan it out for next year – in absolute detail – that’ll keep you dreaming 😉


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