WIP Wednesday: A Snowballs Chance

Maybe a bit better chance than a snowball in hell but not much. I have some WIPs hanging around here that really are more UFOs but I’d like them to be WIPs. Maybe shaming myself a bit will get me to pull them out and work on them, maybe not.

The last time I mentioned the Steampunkery Socks was May 2013. That’s not too bad. They’ve been sitting on my dresser where I can keep an eye on them. There are a lot of stitches on that little needle and they are looking for an opportunity to jump off and frustrate me further. The pattern is very complex, the stitches are fiddly and it’s just a sock. I keep thinking I should be able to whip these out in a few days but truthfully I can only knit about 2 rows an hour. Discouraging to say the least. I really love the look of the completed socks and the yarn is yummy. I just have to overcome the mental part.

The Cassidy sweater is probably the furthest along of the three sweaters I’m going to discuss. It was last mentioned here in February 2013 but last worked on in May 1012. All the parts are knit. I just have to put them together and knit the button bands. I could have this done in a matter of days, maybe less if I really put my mind to it. So then why don’t I? Damned if I can tell you.

Next is the purple top down raglan that I last mentioned December 2012 though I know I worked on it at least a week or so after then. The first sleeve is nearly done. I have notes so I could knit the second one in no time. Then it just needs button bands. This has plenty of mindless stockinette left to lure me back in and I’ve been really missing having a sweater to wear on the chilly mornings. My blue sweater, my favorite blue sweater that I still miss every day, was knit with the same pattern so I know I will love it. I just have to finish it.

Finally there is White Pine. I love this pattern. I love this yarn. I want this sweater to wear, now. It was last mentioned April 2011. I don’t think there is an issue but I can’t really remember. I know I was vaguely unhappy with the way the increases were looking on the sleeves but not so much that I would drop it as cruelly as I did. I’ve only done half the body and less than half a sleeve. I could just rip out the sleeve and start again. Or maybe rip out the whole sweater and start again. Or knit the pattern with different yarn. Or use this yarn to knit a different sweater. There are so many options other than stuffing it in the bottom of a bag and tucking it into the corner.

So what should I do? What will I do? Will I finish one of these? Start something new? Sit and stagnate as I have been? I really need a push one way or the other.

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11 Responses to WIP Wednesday: A Snowballs Chance

  1. Finish the one that needs the least effort. That will feel good, and clear some head space so you can look at the other projects with a less jaded eye.
    And cut yourself some slack – you have had a tough time recently!


  2. Marilyn says:

    If it is as cold there as it is here, I’d finish a sweater if I were you. You’re gonna need it!! The one you love the most is the one you should finish but I’d love to see Cassidy when it’s finished. 😉


  3. Lisa says:

    Hmmmm well I think you should pick the project that you are most longing to wear and work on that. Or pick the one that is the closest to being done – instant gratification. I know that we all go through the issues of UFO’s and it’s never fun. I hope you work through it!


  4. Here’s to getting some FO’s!!! The sweaters look great & the socks have me very interested.


  5. Michelle says:

    UFOs are hard to turn into WIPs, it’s an issue with momentum. I’m having the same struggles. With my yarn stash packed away in anticipation of moving, I’m forcing myself to work on the pile of UFOs I have lingering. It’s a battle.


  6. Finish the raglan with the mindless stockinette. If needs be put on a film or listen to something while you do it. It will work up quickly and before you know it you’ll have a lovely sweater to keep you warm and the satisfaction of having completed one of your UFO’s 🙂


  7. Janet says:

    I vote for finishing the Cassidy. It looks gorgeous. Not sure my vote should count though, considering how many WIP/UFO sweaters I have tucked away. 🙂


  8. Finish all the sweaters – one after another – LOL. It’s cold here and we had snow and hail .. it’s sweater weather!


  9. chrisknits says:

    I have a sweater, or 2 or 3, that I need to rip out. I love the pattern, but the wool is Donegal, scratchy! But then again, it’s a pullover which would just burn me to cinders. So, thinking maybe to rip and reuse the yarn for a cardigan. One that will not touch my “sensitive” skin anywhere! If you knit me a pair of socks I will finish your Cassidy!!!!


  10. Renee Anne says:

    Would you like me to help shame you? I’m pretty good at it, apparently. I, however, can’t seem to shame myself into finishing anything lately…


  11. Kepanie says:

    I think you need to keep it real. How much do you want the project? If you really like it, then finish it.


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