What Do You Watch?

I am always looking for something good to watch while knitting. The new TV season is upon us and I’ve found a couple of new things I really like.

Betrayal is a soap opera type drama but it has crime drama overtones. It is strictly for adults and starts right off with murder and sex. I’ve watched the first two episodes and plan to go back and watch some more. There is a lot going on and enough unanswered questions to keep me interested. Some of the actors look familiar but until I looked on IMDB I didn’t really know who anyone was. They work well together and nothing so far seems unbelievable. Most importantly for me, there isn’t anything on the screen that is missed if you have to look down at your knitting for a few minutes.

When I saw Sleepy Hollow was coming to TV but with a twist I kind of rolled my eyes. It seems that once one network has a fairy tale or a crime drama all the other networks roll out a whole bunch.  But with this I was pleasantly surprised. The premise is somewhat believable, for a fantasy. The acting is very good.  The Husband is a huge fantasy fan and he really likes it. I find it perfect for knitting. There is just enough story to keep me watching but I can knit and not miss much. Though every time the lead actor introduces himself as Ichabod Crane I expect someone to say “Really?”.

My favorite show this season so far is Hostages. It’s exciting and unexpected. It has big name actors and an interesting storyline. I’m very interested to see how the different stories all tie in together. I’m also looking forward to seeing just how far things will be pushed. As for how this goes with my knitting, well, I keep finding myself not knitting when watching this. There are some tense moments and I just forget to keep my hands moving.

So what are you watching this season?


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11 Responses to What Do You Watch?


    Breaking Bad, but be warned, once you start you really can’t stop.


  2. Downton Abbey is a favourite, and Homeland has just started again here in the UK – but that is possibly a bit too complicated to follow and do anything but very simple knitting!


  3. salpal1 says:

    We watch lots of dramas and crime shows – NCIS (often better to watch the knitting than the autopsy scenes) Hawaii 5-0, the Good Wife, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, Rizzoli and Isles (another one with good times to look elsewhere), also White Collar, Rookie Blues, Law and Order SVU. Then when I am alone, I watch Downton Abbey, the Mentalist, Unforgettable. Do we sit in front of the TV all the time? No – we DVR everything so that we can get rid of the commercials, watch when we have time, and when there is “nothing on” or when the shows end, we are so far behind we can go several more weeks before we notice. 🙂 I like the crime dramas as I often don’t have to look, but it does seem we watch a lot of them!


  4. Renee Anne says:

    I usually hit Netflix up for some oldies like Red Dwarf and Doctor Who…but we have all of the “new” Doctor Who. I have to watch something that I’ve seen a gazillion times in order to knit while watching (that way, if I miss something, i already know what happens).


  5. Michelle says:

    My favorite “new to me” show is Downton Abbey. I’m going to look through Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime for Betrayal and Hostages…those look like shows I’d be interested in. I’m still mulling over Breaking Bad. My sons loved it, I may watch that down the road. I’m always looking for new shows, I’m glad you shared! Right now I’m only watching 2 shows regularly…Criminal Minds and Modern Family.


  6. Kepanie says:

    I don’t really watch TV as much. We used to Tivo a lot of shows but now I only watch Parenthood, X Factor, Grey’s Anatomy, and maybe Modern Family.


  7. I am a bit of a Netflix hoarder, my queue there is almost as big as on Ravelry! I do like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation and The West Wing (I just LOVE that show).
    I know this is going to sound weird but when I need to get into deep knitting headspace I put on horrible horror movies because 1) I never feel the need to watch them 2)the music is tense and I knit faster and 3) I never get distracted. I tried documentaries but my knitting kept getting put aside.

    Sorry for the wicked long diatribe 😉


  8. avantaknits says:

    I’ve been watching “Sleepy Hollow” as well, but the only other new show that caught my interest is “The Blacklist.” James Spader does sinister very well indeed. While on furlough, I’ve been re-watching New Who on Netflix in preparation for the 50th Anniversary special in November, plus viewing all the movies on the DVR. And I’d been waiting for my favorites to return: “Haven” started again; so did “Revolution;” now I need “Falling Skies” and “The Walking Dead.” Having a knit or crochet project in my hands while “The Walking Dead” airs is always good, because I can pull it up in front of my face during the more gruesome moments.


  9. Jocelyn says:

    Oooh nice, I’m also watching Hostages. A friend got me hooked. New shows on my list this season are The Blacklist and SHIELD. I am still following my old faves like NCIS, NICS LA, CSI, Supernatural, Bones, Castle, Survivor (the only reality show I watch), Once Upon a Time, Scandal, Homeland and Big Bang Theory.


  10. Lisa says:

    Once Upon a Time is my favorite ! I make sure I watch it the very next day it’s posted – I’m addicted. It’s a nice blend of fairy tale/drama/humor. Otherwise I watch Glee (yea….), and How I met your mother, and Revenge.


  11. Pat(ricia) says:

    I too was surprised by Sleepy Hollow – and have a few lined up on the PVR.

    Absolute watching (usually after recorded): Elementary. It’s brilliant, but admittedly, not necessarily good knitting watching – too many visual details.
    Chicago Fire. Okay, I’m a sucker for a hot guy playing a hot role. Perfect knitting time – can knit and watch or not – and still not miss anything critical.
    NCIS. Well? What more is there to say about the cult following – and at least they have finally propped up the story/plot, which had fallen into rutsville the past few years. Perfect knitting match.
    The Amazing Race 23(?). Absolutely dead on knitting – mostly because I’m finding the last few years to be ultimately – well – boring. The recently aired first ever The Amazing Race Canada – it rocked. Screwed up quite a bit of knitting – until I realized I had better put it down.
    Any of PBS Mysteries -even if I’ve seen them a zillion times.
    Finally – I have had the entire MASH (tv series) on DVD for years – I’m not kidding when I say I think I’ve probably watched each episode over a thousand times – this is my absolute go-to background white noise knitting or any other “tasky” thing t.v. material.


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