There Is No Denying It

Thank you for the festive decorations Teresa.

Fall is here. The temperatures have turned colder and the leaves are just beginning to change. I’m trying to see the positives in it but as a girl who loves the warm weather it’s hard. It’s hard to have the days get shorter and watch the light change. It’s hard to put away the summer clothes and the patio furniture. I’m going to try to embrace fall and all that it brings but first I need something warm to wrap around me so I better get that shawl done.


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9 Responses to There Is No Denying It

  1. streepie says:

    Think about all the hand-knits that you can wear now – time for all those gorgeous cardigans and sweaters and (light) scarves!


  2. Marilyn says:

    I like the cooler temperatures but I wish we could keep all the summertime daylight hours. The dark gets to me after awhile…
    Happy knitting! Love your gourds/squash/pumpkins??


  3. Pat(ricia) says:

    Fall can be wonderful …. and I *bet* it’s more of what comes after that brings you down. I know it does me. Apart from the loss of daylight and providing it doesn’t rain all the time, I love fall. The cold … well it gets worse later, so I can live with Fall …. but after … ick!

    Try to enjoy the good stuff … like all that wonderful harvest goodness … so plentiful and then, there are those “heavier” meals – comfort food and sweet deserts …


  4. Janet says:

    I love the fall season and colors. And sweater weather. I’m not a fan of the shorter days.


  5. rattyknits says:

    The only part of this time of year I like is getting to wear all those wonderful hand knit socks!


  6. Kepanie says:

    Fall and Winter are my seasons. I like showin’ off my knits.


  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    As much as I hate to see summer leaving us, I do enjoy the change of seasons. Each season brings favorite activities and rituals. For example, I am sort of looking forward to “hot chocolate season!” I do hate to see the days getting so short, though. You’re very welcome for the fall decorations – I hope they help put you in a fall mood! 🙂


  8. Vivianne says:

    I totally agree with you x


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