The Good Daughter

I bet you thought I’d have a nice new shiny pair of socks to show off since today is Finished Object Friday. Yeah, so did I. But I have been the dutiful adult, good wife, responsible mother and kind daughter. This week everyone else’s everything else has come first.

I used my usual knitting time to try to fix (and I use the term loosely) my father’s computer. It’s windows based so I have been burning candles and chanting in the hope that it won’t turn on me. We do call it Hal after the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. I’ve also been sneezing and blowing my nose, a lot. It seems that allergy season has arrived and now I am hoping for an early killing frost.  I’ll get back to the socks and my other knitting tomorrow or Saturday as long as Hal continues to behave.


About nothingbutknit2

I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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9 Responses to The Good Daughter

  1. Marilyn says:

    I’ll burn a couple candles and chant here too if you think it’ll help keep Hal going.
    Sorry about the bad nose…maybe it was Hal’s doing! 😉


  2. Kepanie says:

    Our dependence upon technology. We get frustrated when it doesn’t act the way we want, LOL! Hoping the best for this lap top. Treat yourself to something nice for being such a great person.


  3. Pat(ricia) says:

    Handing over tissues for the suffering, allergies or Hal induced. I *so* am feeling the pain of windows …. but let us step back, breathe deeply, chant “om” three times …. and then don our pointy hats and dance wildly around the bubbling cauldron 😉

    I DO hope Hal behaves so you can enjoy the weekend and fit in some quality “you” and knitting time. You deserve it (any time really) but after this back to scheduled chaos week …. even more so.


  4. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Yes, you really fooled me today – I was expecting to see your socks all finished! 🙂 Well, sometimes life and other obligations take precendence, but isn’t it nice to feel needed?! I hope you whipped Hal into shape and that he obeys your every command.


  5. Janet says:

    Technology is a wonderful thing . . . when it works. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon!


  6. Here’s hoping you get your own time! I’ve been sneezing away too – so annoying!


  7. Lisa says:

    Sometimes taking a break to help others is all you need to really bring the major knitting mojo back 🙂


  8. Still giggling at the mental image of you ‘fixing Hal’. Hope all went well, and that whatever is causing your allergies goes away soon.


  9. chrisknits says:

    I wish I had excuses for the lack of knitting right now, but there isn’t much of importance that has taken up my time. Just ennui I suppose. And ripping out almost an entire shawl kind of makes you fall into a knit depression!


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