WIP Wednesday: Temporary Favorite

As you can see I have only made a small amount of progress on the sock. My mind just isn’t on knitting this particular item. I am impatiently waiting to cast on my next Camp Loopy project. I’ve wound some of the yarn and have set aside the needles and will cast on my swatch tomorrow. At that point the sock will go back into my purse and I’ll hardly work on it until I finish the sweater.

The yarn for the sock is one of the Knit Picks bare that was dyed by a mystery someone who I was in a multi-person swap with. The pattern is my usual stockinette one over 64 stitches. The blue yarn is Cascade 220 superwash sport in color 1944.

Now a question. My ball winder is acting up. See how the blue skeins are poorly wound. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? I don’t think I’m doing anything different when winding the yarn. Any help would be appreciated.

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13 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Temporary Favorite

  1. Kepanie says:

    That periwinkle is terrific. That dye job for that sock yarn is wonderful.
    I have found positioning my ball winder to the right of my swift produces a much better yarn cake and making sure there is enough space in-between.


  2. Sometimes tensioning the yarn while winding it can help it wind a bit neater.

    Love your socks, very pretty yarn


  3. Vivianne says:

    I do like that blue yarn 🙂 but I have no idea about the winder, sorry x


  4. Deb Hickman says:

    Such a pretty blue and love the variegated colours in the socks. Deb x


  5. Ruth says:

    Love the blue yarn and looking forward to your sweater. I can’t help with the winder though, sorry. Loving the sock also.


  6. YarnyDragonfly says:

    That sock yarn is beautiful – so is your sweater yarn. Only one more day until you can cast on – yay! That is weird how your ball winder is acting up. Does it still operate smoothly (could it be a broken gear inside?)?


  7. Lisa says:

    I have that issue sometimes, but it’s usually because my swift is being a butt. And i know the feeling about impatient. I have some socks I want to make but I have to wait for the yarn to get here. My other WIP is sitting here being neglected in the mean time.


  8. Cute sock! A vanilla pattern is always a good choice for handpainted yarns, I think. The blue yarn is lovely too. Isn’t Cascade Superwash just lovely to work with?!


  9. Janet says:

    Love the colors in the sock yarn. Looking forward to seeing progress pics of your next Camp project.


  10. lovely colours. i recently knit a project using cascade 220 sport and fell in love with it, so soft.

    My previous ball winder would occasionally act up but I believe it was due to fuss getting into the inner workings of it and also the arm got bent.


  11. Chris says:

    Mine is doing the same thing. I assumed it was just wear on the gears, but maybe it’s the phase of the moon? LOL Pretty yarns.


  12. You and I are somewhat alike, my friend. Expectations can be one’s best friend or worst enemy… The older I get, the more “roll with it” I’ve become. Thankfully! And those I live with are thankful, too. 🙂 About your latest post about not swatching…tsk, tsk. Hope you don’t have to start over!! ~Lisa 🙂


  13. Pat(ricia) says:

    Lovely color for the sweater … haven’t a clue about the winder … I wind by hand.

    The socks are delightful … but I have to ask …. what size dpns are you using? Seriously?

    Patience is virtue and the funny thing about knitters is this: we can knit a million plus one of the tiniest stitches on the smallest of needles …. but new yarns and projects test us to the limits! Crazy 😉


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