FO Friday: Camp Loopy Project #2

It really isn’t splotchy. I wet it with a spray bottle and hit a few areas a little hard.

If I’m going to keep knitting shawls I’m going to have to invest in blocking wires or a few hundred more pins. I didn’t have nearly enough to pin this out well. The edge is a little scalloped. The pattern is Daybreak by Stephen West. I knit the largest size. The yarn is The Loopy Ewe solid series in blackberry and smoke. I would love to knit this shawl again. It was a pleasure. The pattern was easy to follow and the yarn was lovely. I think the gray and purple are a good combination for showing off the design. This pattern makes a nice casual shawl that I think I’ll wear.

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~ by nothingbutknit2 on July 26, 2013.

15 Responses to “FO Friday: Camp Loopy Project #2”

  1. Your shawl looks fantastic🙂

  2. It looks lovely. I hope you really enjoy wearing it.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Definitely worth getting blocking wires, they make it so much easier

  4. This is just beautiful. Love your color combination.

  5. absolutely stunning, love your colour combo. Blocking wires are definitely worth it and fairly in expensive … don’t know how I would get by without mine.

  6. Love the color combination.
    If you don’t have wires, you can use heavy thread pulled taut.

  7. I absolutely love that color combination !

  8. Love the color combination! So very pretty!

  9. Looks like you are having fun at camp! Can’t wait to see your next project.

  10. Love your color combo. Now I wish I had gone with a lighter grey on my current shawl. But it’s all good!

  11. Gorgeous colors! I can imagine how many tails you had at the end to weave!🙂

  12. Excellent job, Karen! It looks terrific. I have a set I bought some time ago from Knit Picks. Really worth it and very handy when I need to block. Look on Amazon or even Overstock.

  13. Lovely🙂

  14. Just lovely. I think the geometric/sculptural quality is awesome🙂

  15. I have several Stephen West patterns in my library, yet none have been knit yet. I guess I need to get on that. Sorry your blocking isn’t the way you want it,but it’s still a lovely shawl!

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