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WIP Wednesday: Temporary Favorite

As you can see I have only made a small amount of progress on the sock. My mind just isn’t on knitting this particular item. I am impatiently waiting to cast on my next Camp Loopy project. I’ve wound some … Continue reading

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A New Living Creature

I have a new living creature to care for. It’s my sourdough starter! I have been working on the first step of day long directions of adding water and flour, waiting, dividing and doing it all again. I wish you … Continue reading

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Another Adventure

Here I am back again without a photo for my post. You’ll have to use you’re imagination to see what I saw and smell what I smelled. Yesterday The Husband, N and I drove up to Vermont. We’ve been talking … Continue reading

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FO Friday: Camp Loopy Project #2

If I’m going to keep knitting shawls I’m going to have to invest in blocking wires or a few hundred more pins. I didn’t have nearly enough to pin this out well. The edge is a little scalloped. The pattern … Continue reading

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A Quick Update From The Garden

The garden was looking pretty sad for a while. Something, a bug I guess, was eating things. It ate all the cantaloupe seedlings and did some damage to the tomatoes and cucumbers. I don’t know what happened but things suddenly … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: What, Just A Sock?

The only thing I have on the needles that I am actively knitting on is a sock. I’ve only knit maybe 2 rounds on it in the last week when I was out and about. It would seem that the … Continue reading

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Camp Loopy Project #3

I suspect this may be the project where I bite off more than I can chew, er, knit. You know what I mean. The third project requirement is to knit something with 800 yards of yarn. Immediately I thought of … Continue reading

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