WIP Wednesday: Same Same Same

The color is not blue. It is black and gray.

I am still chugging along on the same two projects. I have been faithfully knitting on Celestarium whenever I am knitting at home and I have only knit the Vanilla Latte Socks when I am out and about. That makes for a bit of visible progress on each.

I just started the heel on the first sock. The yarn is Project B Dinah I got as a gift from Liz. I really like knitting with this yarn. It is sproingy and nice and soft. The yarn for Celestarium is Misti Alpaca hand paint lace in LP 43.

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18 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Same Same Same

  1. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Your Celestarium is almost finished! Can’t wait to see it all blocked – it’s going to be amazing! Love love love your sock yarn – it is cushy smushy (i.e. sproingy)! 🙂


  2. Marilyn says:

    The shawl is looking great! I always wonder why cameras won’t photo certain colors correctly…


  3. Janet says:

    Good progress on both projects. I’m in the same boat — still working on the same projects this week. So instead of finishing one of those I cast on something new. 🙂


  4. Both look gorgeous. I’m really thinking I need to cast on some vanilla ribbed socks – yours look so fab!


  5. isn’t that frustrating when the camera just won’t capture a color accurately? so frustrating…but when it does, how nice it is. 🙂 Everything is looking good and moving along! Happy knitting, ~Lisa


  6. chrisknits says:

    Can’t wait to see that shawl done. It will be stunning.


  7. Lisa says:

    I still LOVE the blue socks and cannot wait to see Celestarium. Props to you for working on the same 2 projects and not starting something new.


  8. jazzoo6 says:

    Lovely projects! Sometimes I have the same problem with color in the photos.

    Here’s my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-90/


  9. alikelylass says:

    Wow, that Celestarium looks epic! Can’t wait to see it all done. Great sock pattern too, been looking for for some so thanks for sharing!


  10. I can’t quite picture what the Celestarium will look like, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise by looking it up … so I can’t wait to see it done!


  11. Pumpkin says:

    That sock yarn does look like a dream to knit with. You are making great progress on Celestarium!


  12. Andria says:

    Lovely projects!!


  13. Tina says:

    Such a lovely project!


  14. Both projects look great!


  15. Stefanie says:

    I applaud your project monogamy! Looking good!


  16. Ik says:

    can’t wait to see your shawl finished soon, it should be very lovely.


  17. Kepanie says:

    Happy colors.


  18. Ela Klein says:

    Thank you for liking my blog – love your knitting too x


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