Just A Cuff As Proof

I have really tried to NOT knit on the sock this week. I want to get the shawl finished so I can use it while we still have a chill in the air. The sock is so easy and yells really loudly to me whenever I sit down to knit but I take a deep breath and ignore it. I did knit a few rows when I took my mother to the hair salon because beads and a chart are not user friendly at the hair salon.

I am nearing the end of the second to the last chart on the shawl. I’ve got a good system for working with the chart that still allows me to knit comfortably in bed in front of the TV though I think the counting out loud when placing YOs and K2Togs is driving The Husband around the bend. At least they’ve all caught on that if I’m counting DON’T TALK TO ME. I hope that by Wednesday when next you see the shawl I will have moved it to the longest needle and will be working on the final chart. At that point I will start thinking about the edge of the shawl. I may have to add a larger edging since I am using lace weight and the pattern calls for fingering weight and I want something that is sized appropriately. Currently I am undecided about putting beads in the edging. I don’t want to take away from the star chart aspect of the shawl but I also like the idea of having the edge of the shawl have some weight to it. What do you think?


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12 Responses to Just A Cuff As Proof

  1. I love the color of your celestarium. I’m not patient enough for beads 😦 I probably would put the beads in the edging, too, to make it more consistent. I browsed through some of the projects on revelry and I don’t think the beads take away too much attention from the star chart. I would decide spontaneously, depending on the how you feel about beads by the time you reach the edging. My guess is that you’ll be pretty fed up by them 😉


  2. Leslie says:

    go with the beads, I love beads on the edge


  3. Marilyn says:

    Beads on the edge do give a shawl a very nice feel and look but I totally understand about the wanting to keep the integrity of the stars…I still think I would put the beads on the edge….


  4. I like beads but I like the simplicity and elegance of this pattern. Go with your gut, it rarely leads you wrong!


  5. Agothtale says:

    Beads would look lovely !


  6. Vonna says:

    Really love the color you chose for your socks.


  7. Cyprienne says:

    Omigoodness I love this so far! I’m also torn about what to advise with the edge beading; I’d say maybe use another color of bead, one with less contrast to the yarn, but that might be visually confusing. Hmmm….


  8. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Definitely add beads to the edging! I think it will enhance your constellations, not take away from them and will tie the whole thing together. But then again, I am bead crazy…


  9. chrisknits says:

    Definitely add beads to border.


  10. Janet says:

    Love your shawl. It may be easier to decide about beads when you choose the size of the edge. Either way, it will be gorgeous.


  11. Pumpkin says:

    You are addicted to socks, no doubt about it. I approve though, socks are awesome (I’m working on some too). I think that the beads really help the pattern take shape, but that is just my humble opinion, I think it will be gorgeous either way.


  12. Pat(ricia) says:

    This will be just gorgeous … no matter how you choose to finish it.

    I think as someone said … when you are there and have decided on your edging … go with you instincts regarding the beads. Usually our truth is right.


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