Mixed Feelings

Yesterday I felt really badly when I read Liz’s blog post about how the boys aren’t sleeping as well as she would like. They got her up really early in the morning. She filled her unexpected bonus time making brown bread. In the afternoon she rang my door bell with a hunk of bread for us! Now I feel quite badly that she missed out on sleep but I am so happy that she had the time to make brown bread and share it with us. This was our first time having brown bread and Liz was kind enough to offer eating suggestions. Once she said butter and jam I knew how I’d eat mine! I had a delicious slab of bread with butter and strawberry jam. It was heavenly! Thanks Liz and you’re going to have to share the recipe.


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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6 Responses to Mixed Feelings

  1. Marilyn says:

    Yummy! Can I have a bite? But add some peanut butter first, please. 😉


  2. YarnyDragonfly says:



  3. Pumpkin says:

    Oh freshly baked bread is one of the greatest pleasures in life! Lucky you!


  4. elpalchica says:

    Just the way I like it! I’ve been in danger of living on only jam and bread the last two days because I’ve been enjoying it so much!


  5. chrisknits says:

    Is this the sweet kind of brown bread? Ohh, I love that bread!!! Share the recipe if you get it.


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